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Daily Message ~ Wednesday July 26, 2023

You might think of the process of healing separation as starting to bring aspects that have been denied back into the fold. Do you hold love for yourself or are you perpetually rejecting yourself? Do you deny the human part of you and try to just embrace the spiritual part of you? Do you dismiss your own wisdom or inner knowing in order to please another? Do you put aside your own hopes and dreams until later because others might not agree with them?

Recognizing the ways you reject, abandon, neglect, or dismiss your truth is absolutely essential before you can move into the embodiment of your own wisdom, beauty, and power. As you begin to embrace and accept all aspects of you, you create the foundation for your own empowerment, and begin anchoring the energy of unity consciousness and unconditional love. When you begin to experience yourself as whole, what you create becomes much more aligned to the truth of you.

So we highly recommend the next time you brush yourself aside you stop for a moment and instead decide to honour and love whatever part of you that was looking for their right to be heard and acknowledged. You just might be surprised at how profound the healing can be just by practicing inclusion for yourself. From there you will be much better able to also practice inclusion with your truest preferences and your life will shift in truly remarkable ways. As always, it all begins within and from there all else becomes possible. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Shelley’s Note: Hey everyone! I’m finding a lot of people are struggling with moving further along their self love process, so I’m considering holding a LIVE self love course so I can provide extra support along the way, if enough people are interested. It would be held on zoom every Wednesday at 6:30 pm eastern time for six weeks. The cost is $300 USD (if you have already purchased this course in the self study version, you can attend for $149 off). It is very rare that I teach an entire class live, so if you are interested in going through this process together, please let me know by emailing me at Self love is a real game changer, and this course is the most comprehensive course I’ve written to date. Is it time for you to move into what Gabriel calls the most important element of them all?


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