Daily Message ~ Wednesday June 15, 2016


We understand the seemingly endless releasing you have been doing feels arduous at best. What if you lightened up how you looked at your releasing process? What if you started to see letting go of old energies you have evolved beyond as cause for celebration? What if you embraced the idea that their leaving left you feeling lighter and happier?

You often release balloons in celebration. What if you saw any old energy leaving you just like that – colourfully and joyfully, going up to the heavens to be received? What if you could wave and smile as you watched them go?

Dear Ones, every last shift you are going through – every release, every integration, every opportunity to experience yourself anew, is great cause for celebration. Let’s put the light back in enlightenment! Let’s embrace the process with wonder and delight, for it is you that has earned every bit of it with your tender hearts, courage, and consistent efforts. We have been celebrating you all along. Isn’t is time for you to join the party? ~Archangel Gabriel

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