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Daily Message ~ Wednesday June 15, 2022

So many of you don’t know what you want. That is because you have exhausted the potentials that you are aware of and are ready to move beyond the known into the unknown. This is a positive thing!

As you move into the energies of the new, we urge you to resist the urge to micromanage any new manifestations and become much more open to discovery. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have a hand in your co-creations. Far from it! The key is to switch over into working with broad intention and let your highest self and the universe fill in the rest.

Let us give you an example. Many of you wish to manifest a large amount of money. It isn’t really the money you want but rather what having the money will offer you. Money is always an energetic middle man, if you will.

So why do you really want a lot of money? For most people, it is because they want freedom. They want more enjoyment in life. So we urge you to surrender into the experience of more freedom and enjoyment in life.

Why this works is because most of you don’t really believe you can manifest a large amount of money for yourselves. That will make it very difficult for you to align with the experience. But you do believe you can create more freedom and more enjoyment, even if it is a little bit at a time. That feels within the realm of possibility for you.

What we want you to understand is that when you surrender into the essence of what you would like to experience, you can start to align with it, incrementally, almost immediately. This allows you to have more comfort as you go through the discovery process of what the universe is wishing you to discover that is your highest outcome. It starts to make your desires part of your experience, even if it is the smallest way, as you follow the unfoldment until your intention becomes a predominant part of your life. It is planting a seed and watching it grow.

While both are equally possible, it is far easier for most of you to step into a dream bit by bit rather than all at once. In fast moving energies such as you are in right now, a small amount can grow into a big amount very quickly because doing it a bit at a time will keep you out of doubt and resistance.

So connect with the essence of your desires and why you want them and enter into the flow towards the discovery of what your truest version of that dream can be, and you can make big progress in ways that will continue to surprise and delight you, every step of the way. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Hey everyone! Just a head’s up I’m taking some holidays this year! I have family coming to visit so I am taking July 7 to July 14th off. That means no daily messages during that time, either. If you are wanting to book a reading or a journeying session, please plan accordingly. Thanks!


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