Daily Message ~ Wednesday June 29, 2016


Dear Ones, you are sovereign beings and can claim the energetics you desire at any time. You are in charge! What would you like to declare today? It is as simple as stating what you choose. Here are some examples. I choose peace. I choose calm. I choose love. I choose ease. I choose joy. I choose presence. I choose connection. Do you see? You get to choose from the myriad of options that are available to you.

Select an energy that you desire. Savour it. Wear it. Feel it. Say the word. Imagine it written in your energetics. Wrap yourself up in it. BE it. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to embrace your authentic power and select your preference? Isn’t it an empowering experience to anchor the energy you want despite what might be going on around you? That, Dear Ones, is what will continue to support the shift on your planet and nurture the world you are wishing to create – individual human beings choosing the energies they prefer and beautifully embodying them. ~Archangel Gabriel

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