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Daily Message ~ Wednesday March 13, 2024

As enlightening human beings start putting more and more emphasis on their spiritual wellness, they are starting to understand the importance of having sacred space to allow them to stay centred and balanced. Have you created your own sacred environment to support yourself? Are you surrounding yourself with people who lift you up? Do you have a place that supports your efforts to connect with Source? Have you been able to prioritize your spiritual practices?

We do not mean you need to construct your own spiritual centre, Dear Ones! (laughter) You can connect with Source anywhere you choose. By seeking an environment to support that, wherever it may be or however it may look, so long as it feels wonderful to you, is so very important. By choosing to be in energies that are supportive, you are showing your wisdom and your commitment to what you are on the planet to do and experience.

There are many things you can do to support your spiritual journey. Creating your own energetic zone of stillness and connectedness will become more and more important as the energies continue to accelerate. The monk does not lose his mastery when he goes into the village, yet he always chooses to return to the temple. By creating your own sacred space and prioritizing your own practices, you will support your ability to be in your highest alignment more consistently. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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