woman raising arms to sky trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Wednesday March 14, 2018

Why not take one thing – one problem that you have – and give it UP. Give it to God to take care of for you. Hand it off to be resolved and don’t fall into the temptation to take it back before it is. Surrender it and truly let it go.

If you pay close attention when you do, you will find that you immediately feel lighter. You will feel the energy change around the issue right away. You will feel a lightening of the load, so to speak, which is your indicator that it has been handed off successfully, and already moving into the energies that can bring resolution. You have allowed it to be transferred into the realm where unseen divine solutions, also known as miracles, can occur.

There is never a reason to go it alone, Dear Ones. Isn’t it time for you to explore and utilize the endless supports you have available to you at all times? ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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