Daily Message ~ Wednesday March 19, 2014

As an enlightening human being, you have been evolving beyond the control of the ego self. We wish to make this clear – the ego is not something to be eradicated completely! You are simply seeking a balance between your ego self and your soul self. As you move into unity consciousness, it means practicing the inclusion of all things, including that ego self, which is necessary for having a human experience.

The best way to explain it is this way. The ego is the expert on the one, on your singular life experience. The soul is the expert of the greater whole and your connection to the universe. Can you see how both would be essential to navigate your life if you are in the body?

Many enlightening human beings are on the planet with service contracts and are very good at helping others and struggle with self nurturing. This would be an area where the ego would be very helpful. So here is a radical idea. Why not take your ego out on a date? Ask it what you could do to pamper and love yourself. It will be excellent at letting you know what that is.

The ego self only wishes to know that it will remain important in your life if you continue on your enlightenment process. You can send it love, reassure it and play with it in empowered ways, as you step into your authenticity and embrace your ascension process. If you think of it like a mischievous, sometimes demanding child, you can chuckle at its antics while letting the wise, qualified part of you, your soul self, make the big decisions. ~Archangel Gabriel

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