room being renovated trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Wednesday March 29, 2023

Let us suppose you have inherited a house but it’s full of old furniture and features that really aren’t your taste. The hard work is sorting it out, deciding what you want to keep, what you want to let go of, and giving everything a deep cleaning. Now that you can see what you are dealing with, you can decide if you have to shore up the foundation or would like to tear down any walls or make any structural changes or upgrades so it can better meet your needs. While you are in renovations it can be uncomfortable and messy. Unknown issues can crop up and you may feel like they will never be done! But ultimately they do come to an end, and once the renovations are complete you get to paint and decorate your house in a way that matches your style and preferences as a true expression of self. You get to experience the joy of having your vision become a reality you get to live in!

You could use this analogy to understand the energetic shift you are going through. Some of you are seeing the house for the first time, some of you are in the cleansing/restructuring phases, and others are putting the finishing touches on their decorating. Ultimately you will all arrive at the point where the hard work is done and all that is left to do is to enjoy the space you have created – a home base that will support and sustain you as you step into the next exciting phase of your incarnation. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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