Daily Message ~ Wednesday May 14, 2014

A lot of you feel like a state of constant happiness is unrealistic, or something you will not be able to achieve. What if we told you it is a skill you already have?

If you have ever vacationed at an amusement park, you understand that you devote your entire stay to joy. You expect to have a wonderful time the whole time you are there. Happiness is your expectation, and is your result.

If you applied your usual rules about happiness being fleeting to your amusement park visit, you would be happy for the first few minutes and then turn the rest into drudgery, but you do not do this. You embrace happiness for the entirety of your stay, as if it is the most natural thing in the world!

The reasons for this are due to several factors. First, you believe the park to be a place of sustained happiness, so that is what you experience. Once you enter the park, you enter into a flow that follows the path of joy. You stay present in the Now moment, with an open expectation of even more delights around every corner. You are honouring your inner child, which is thrilled to be allowed to play. You also feel appreciation for your experiences. These are all the elements we encourage you to embrace to have a full life experience!

Do you see? You can take a similar approach to all of your days to fill them with much more joy, wonder and appreciation, and to start living a far more fulfilled experience on a consistent basis. ~Archangel Gabriel

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