pregnant woman on dock trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Wednesday May 22, 2024

Dear Ones, we understand that it can be hard to wait in faith and trust for your manifestations to take on shape and form. But holding the space for their creation is even more important than the original inspiration for the dream is.

If you just found out you were pregnant, you would not insist the baby be born immediately. You would understand that it is in the midst of a process of growth and gestation, and that takes time. You would create the perfect environment for all of that to occur and would know that rushing it would be harmful. And despite your excitement, you would trust the process and divine timing, knowing when the time is perfect your baby – your new creation – will enter the world.

It can help to apply the same knowledge and wisdom to anything you wish to create. Honour the unfoldment with the complete faith and trust that even if you do not know what processes are that are occurring behind the scenes, they are all working together seamlessly to serve your dream until it is ready to be born into your physical reality.

That is exactly how you hold the space and stay in delicious anticipation without giving up on your creations before they have the time they need to take form. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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