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Daily Message ~ Wednesday May 31, 2023

Today’s daily message is one of those blends of both me and Gabriel. He dropped this inspiration into my awareness when I was doing the authenticity event on Saturday.

He reminded me of the fireflies that lived in our backyard in Michigan. My husband and I used to love to sit on the back porch and watch them at night. I did some research on them and I learned that the males fly around flashing their light to impress the females. The females sit in the bushes and when they see a male they like they flash their light back to say yes to the male and let him know how to find her. We used to love watching the males fly around hopefully and we’d be so happy when a girl would flash them back.

I find this fits Gabriel’s series of messages on the importance of authenticity and allowing yourself to be seen. If the male didn’t have the courage to fly around flashing his light his girl would never be able to find him, and if she didn’t flash her light back in return the male wouldn’t be able to find her, either.

It seems so simple when we see it this way! So let’s all go forward shining our lights like happy, hopeful little fireflies, knowing the perfect matches are out there for us if we just have the courage to allow ourselves to be seen, and to respond to the connections that come into our awareness when they make themselves known. Don’t be a shy firefly!

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