Daily Message ~ Wednesday May 5, 2021

How are you in resistance to yourself? Are you practicing negative self talk? Are you judging yourself? Are you critical of your body or how you look? Do you negate your progress and only focus on what you think needs improvement? Are you in troubleshooting mode with yourself all the time?

Feel into the energy of resistance. It instantly pauses your forward movement. Now feel into the energy of acceptance and love. If you pay attention you can feel they are energies of flow and expansion. One excludes, the other includes. One perpetuates separation, the other unification.

What if the only healing you require comes from shifting into your own self love and self acceptance? Your self love and acceptance allows any unhealed aspects of self to feel safe enough to rejoin the whole. It shifts you into an energetic congruency that is ready and willing to move forward. And it moves you into the unconditional love and unity consciousness you are seeking to embody in your spiritual journey.

It is time, Dear Ones, to truly walk your talk and that begins by extending your loving care, encouragement, and your true and joyful acceptance to your most tender, vulnerable self. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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