Daily Message ~ Wednesday November 25, 2015

One of the most difficult things for human beings to remember is to ask for our help.

Some of you don’t want to bother us. Others have trouble actually asking for assistance of any kind. Some feel like they may take away from others by asking for our help. And some think we are probably too busy to care about your trivial concerns.

Dear Ones, hear us when we say that it is our greatest honour and pleasure to assist you! We are always here, always ready to help. There is no request too big or small. We are multi-dimensional beings, meaning we are a vast energy that can assist many at the same time, so you are never taking away from another by asking for our help.

You must understand that you are superstars to us! You are the brave and courageous ones – the ground crew – that is driving the Shift on your planet. We are honoured to be able to assist you! But as always, please remember the act of asking is required as your free will is paramount. A simple, heartfelt request with your inner voice is all that is required to activate the team that wants nothing more than to lovingly support you in all ways. ~Archangel Gabriel

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