Daily Message ~ Wednesday November 28, 2012

In any time of tremendous growth, it is quite common for the ego self to rear up, desperate to regain control because it recognizes the more you step into your authentic power, the less it will be listened to.  Be aware of that, Dear Ones.  It is a great saboteur and it is feeling greatly threatened by the Shift.  Just like an abuser, the ego self seeks to separate you and perpetuate the illusion that you are somehow not worthy, good enough or competent.  If you feel yourself falling into fear or doubt, the ego self’s two favourite growth stalling tools, recognize it for what it is.  With your intention reconnect with Source, embrace your truth and your authentic power, and surrender back into the flow from that place of faith and inner knowingness and you will never again be derailed by that part that seeks to keep you small.  ~Archangel Gabriel

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