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Daily Message ~ Wednesday November 30, 2022

It is a common occurrence for enlightening human beings to get inspired by something and then shortly afterwards experience fear or doubt. We would like to explain why this happens.

Your inspirations come from your soul. They lead you to greater expansion and point the way to your highest life expression and help you fulfill your purpose.

Your ego self is a rather insecure aspect of you. It dislikes change and worries if you move into expansion it will lose its role with you and be left behind. Because of that, it will try to immediately block your progress by activating fear and doubt.

The ego is a necessary part of the human experience. It is not to be eradicated, but rather reassured of its secure place with you. So if your ego is triggered by your ideas of expansion, simply let it know that you love it and it will always be going with you. It might help to think of it as a small child that has separation anxiety and is simply looking to feel safe, important, and included as you guide it forward with your conscious awareness.

Do you see? If you suddenly feel fear and doubt after receiving an inspiration, it is because you are onto something truly empowering and expansive. If it were not, your ego would not be activated. Your ego, in a sense, is a growth detector.

So with your wisdom, follow the path that is beckoning to you and reassure any parts of you that are feeling unsure. Before you know it you will be experiencing the wonder that comes from seeing where your soul has been trying to take you all along. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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