Daily Message ~ Wednesday October 3, 2012

Dear Ones, many of you are so critical of yourselves, you are not even recognizing what remarkable beings you are. You think you must reach some level to experience love, not seeing that love is what you already are and what you show every day. Love is stopping to see a rainbow. Love is holding the door for someone. Love is letting someone ahead of you in traffic. Love is feeling compassion for those who have experienced loss. Love is saying a prayer for another. Love is sharing your knowledge and your gifts and abilities. Love is hugging a child, a pet or a person in crisis. Love is making time for your sacred practices, and learning appropriate boundaries. It is the spark of love inside of you that even contemplates the creation of the New Earth. Do you see? You cannot become something you already are. You ARE love. Open the floodgates and allow it to flow forth, and embrace the truth of your being. ~Archangel Gabriel

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