Daily Message ~ Wednesday October 30, 2013

Dear Ones, faith and trust are such essential elements to your evolution. Faith is your unshakeable belief that you are part of a greater whole, that there are higher aspects of yourself and of Source that are always available for you to connect with. Trust is the belief that not only do those aspects exist, they care about you and are there to lead, support and assist you every step of the way, and will not abandon you in your time of need.

We understand that, for many of you, this is a particularly pressured time, with many challenging astrological alignments, increased solar activity and the combined effects upon your physicality. Know that you are doing wonderfully! During such times we encourage you to stay in the Now. Practice what you know – your soul has gathered those skills for you to use to help you navigate not just the good times, but especially those times that are more trying. If you are in a period of release, do not attach to the story of those old energies, but rather wave goodbye to them, much like a parade, knowing they are simply passing by and not meant to stop and stay at your place of observation on the parade route.

Demonstrate your faith and trust in the system, knowing that the more difficult times don’t last long, that things are always unfolding for your highest good, and that you are never on this journey alone. The fastest way to navigate through such times is to stay out of resistance and in a space of surrender and flow. Celebrate all the wonder that is you, and know that simply BEing is more than enough. You are divine, you are delightful and you are doing a splendid job. ~Archangel Gabriel

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