Daily Message ~ Wednesday October 4, 2017

If you are not experiencing the amount of love you would like in your life, we would ask you to examine any ways you are holding yourself separate from love.

Do you do everything for yourself? Do you turn down help? Do you make time to connect with Source energy in whichever way feels right to you? Do you practice self care? Do you act lovingly to yourself? Do you believe you deserve love?

Do you think love is something to be afraid of? Do you fear being taken advantage of? Do you think love will hurt you? All of these worries have been the result of conditional love, the idea that love is a commodity to be given or taken away at the whim of another, based on your behaviour and if you are deemed worthy or not. That is control, not love.

Dear Ones, love has never been what has hurt you, it has been the absence of love that has resulted in your pain. Can you release those old attitudes, those old templates, and replace them with the understanding unconditional love is safe, expansive, nurturing, and feels wonderful to both give and receive?

If you have been in the habit of holding yourself outside of love, start being aware of all of the ways love tries to come to you and through you. Start to say yes to love! Little by little let love in, until you learn to trust and enjoy it again.

That is how you make your way back home to yourselves, Dear Ones, because love is who you really are and that is how your soul is yearning to express itself. By accepting and being love, you are embracing your truth and stepping back into the endless wellspring of love that has always been available to you, and that is a glorious thing to behold. ~Archangel Gabriel

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