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Daily Message ~ Wednesday September 13, 2023

Early in your journey it is common for you to look for wisdom outside of yourself. You may accept everything as truth and consult many different sources.

Over time, you become more discerning and will sit with things seeing if they really feel true or perhaps getting a second opinion (or third or fourth!) until you can decide what feels like the right truth for you.

Over more time you will begin to trust your own wisdom and easily identify your own truth on most topics. On more important matters you may consult another trusted source, not for advice but rather for confirmation.

And finally, in your embodiment phase you are secure in your own wisdom and navigate your life confidently from there. What a glorious process of becoming! ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


I now have a start date and time for the self love course! It will be starting this Saturday, September 16 and will be held every Saturday at 12 pm eastern time for 6 weeks. Hope you’ll join us!

I will be offering a LIVE Self Love – The Most Important Element of Them All course this September. It is very rare that I teach live, but I feel like this is such an important element moving forward that it is time to really dive deep into this topic.

Each student will receive everything outlined in the self study course but we will work through it all together via zoom for all 6 classes. I will be here to help you every step of the way as we take a close look at the four essential pillars of self love, belief systems and conditioning that stand in the way, new ways of approaching it, and much more.

This not your run of the mill self love course, as it was channeled from Gabriel. If you have been struggling with self love, it is likely that one or more of the core self love pillars are not in place for you. By strengthening them you create a container that makes self love much easier to do.

The cost to attend is $300 USD. We will be meeting once a week for 6 weeks via zoom. Students receive six downloadable MP3s including a meditation for every class, as well as worksheets to help you get the most out of the content. There is also an ebook that is a compilation of 64 of Archangel Gabriel’s messages on self love that you can refer to whenever you feel you could use a little bit of extra guidance, as well as bonus pdf “The Art of Writing a Good Affirmation”. All of these supports are designed to help you deepen and enhance your self love practice. Each class also contains an “If You Are Struggling” section with helpful suggestions to assist you through this process.

Again, we will be going through this all LIVE with me leading you through every step. You will have the self study materials to refer to during the course and whenever you feel you might need them for support after the live course is done. If you have already purchased the self study version of the course, you can attend the live version for $149 USD. You can click on the link below for the full description of the course.

If you have any questions please email me at If you’d like to register, please send payment of $311.36 USD (course fee plus PayPal fees) to via PayPal. As soon as I receive payment I will email your course materials over to you. I’d love to go on this self love journey with you!


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