Daily Message ~ Wednesday September 19, 2012

Are you wishing away your life? Humans have a habit of always waiting for the next event, putting off living fully until the next weekend, holiday, event or accomplishment. Dear Ones, your life is happening, in all its glory, in this Now moment! Your life is not meant to be drudgery the majority of the time, marking time until the next tiny pocket of joy. Worse, when you are constantly wishing the time away you are not using the gift of the Now, and you begin to create unconsciously. Each Now moment is an incredible gift to be savoured and celebrated for its unique beauty. By doing so, you will start to feel joyful a much greater amount of the time, and will experience more and more of the blissful energy you had only been experiencing sporadically in your life. The Now comes with two gifts – the gift of the present moment and the gift of the future that has been energetically set by your cherishing of the Now. Living joyfully, wholly and completely is absolutely available to you. Doesn’t that sound like heaven on earth? ~Archangel Gabriel

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