Daily Message ~ Wednesday September 28, 2016


As sensitive human beings on an ascending planet, many of you are greatly affected by the shifting energies. Something that can be very helpful to you is to create an energy log.

An energy log is simply keeping a diary of any astrological or energetic events, your feelings and symptoms during those events, and what you may have found helpful to keep you more comfortable during those times. By keeping track, you will soon find that you can tell from your body what is happening, and you will be able to seamlessly know what has been helpful in the past, allowing you to move through such events in far more comfortable ways.

You will also be able to see how connected you are in a more tangible way, how your body is always communicating with you and guiding you, and empower yourself to move with ease through it all. It’s a very helpful tool because in fast moving energies it can be difficult to remember how you have felt in the past and what may have brought you ease.

Also, the act of keeping track will allow you to make suggestions to others on how they might become more comfortable, as well. It is a wonderful practice to see patterns and solutions, to move more willingly with the energies, and to acknowledge that you are, indeed, part of an incredible and unprecedented time on your planet. ~Archangel Gabriel

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