Daily Message ~ Wednesday September 3, 2014

Low self esteem comes from being dependant upon another to decide your worth. This was conditioned into you as a child, as you were considered “good” or “bad” according to whatever adult had control over you at any given time.

Dear Ones, only you can determine your own worth based on your own innate knowing of right or wrong, and the unfoldment of your own life expression, as is perfect for you. There is no one outside of you who is qualified to judge you, for if someone is judging they are operating from a space that cannot see you in your truth.

So we say to you, simply be you – beautifully, brilliantly, delightfully you. You are an aspect of Source, adding to the whole immeasurably just by being uniquely you. You will have strengths and weaknesses. You will have triumphs and disappointments, successes and failures, but the one thing they forgot to tell you as you were growing up, is that you are magnificent and divine through it all. ~Archangel Gabriel

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