Daily Message ~ Wednesday September 9, 2015

There is a tendency in sensitive humans to dread time periods that promise to be busier energetically due to astrological alignments and events such as eclipses, mercury retrogrades and the changing of seasons. You may have found previous events of the sort have been challenging, so you presume that any further events will be the same.

Hear us when we say that all events are different! All carry their own unique energy, their own energetic signature, if you will, that will work with your own vibrational state in varied ways. To expect discomfort is to move into resistance before the event even arrives, making it far more difficult than necessary.

Have you ever considered embracing these shifts as a loving gift from the universe? Have you ever decided to harness the love and the support? Have you ever approached it with the idea that it could be joyful to let go of anything that is keeping you from your greatest experience of self? Have you ever intended to whole-heartedly surrender into the healing that each shift makes possible?

Know that every day you wake up on your planet is an unprecedented day. Treat each event as a brand new opportunity, because that is exactly what it is! There is no predictability any longer, Dear Ones, and that is a beautiful thing because you will reach far greater heights and experiences than ever before as you learn to release expectations and delightedly shift with, and harness, the magic of it all. ~Archangel Gabriel

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