Embracing the Greatness of Your Soul ~ Channeled Nov 27, 2010

Shelley’s note: This is a transcription from a live channel done at The Trinity Shoppe on Nov. 27. Please know it is not necessary to be physically present to benefit from the energies and information of the channel. By choosing to read this transmission, you become part of the energy of the group and the message applies to you.


We’ve been most excited for all of you to come together today. What many of you do not realize is when a group comes together with its own unique energies and aspects, levels of growth and understanding, as the energies merge together in many ways the group becomes it’s own entity. And this one in particular has us most excited indeed.

All of you are anchoring a very unique aspect of energy that is vital to the whole and this in turn goes on to support greater and greater wholes, if you can imagine, rippling across the universe. Grandiose, you say? Not necessarily, because what none of you have yet given yourselves permission to experience is the greatness of your own soul. Some of you have had tiny glimpses of such but today we invite you to open your hearts and minds, to open your consciousness and allow yourselves to feel the absolute beauty and greatness of the soul that you are. Oh Dear Ones, the changes that you could make in your own personal life experiences and on the planet if you would only just allow yourselves to remember who you really are. Many of you believe that you are remembering who you really are. You say, but Gabriel we have looked at our past lives. We understand that what you see in the human body is not all that there is of us. We understand that there is a higher self but even with that expanded awareness you are not yet truly understanding the glory of your soul. If you could see your soul as we see it as you sit there, Dear Ones, you would weep because you would be moved by the beauty of it. So we are going to challenge you, if you will, to start moving forward in your life and acting as if you are already masters because that is in fact what you are.

What if you threw out all the limitations that you place upon yourselves in your humanness? What would that look like? If you threw out the limitations, which we would like to point out to you are merely illusions – they are not truth, each and every one of you would be leading a life beyond your wildest dreams. You would be living in love, in joy, in grace, in beauty, in perfect health, in complete abundance. You would want for nothing because you already are everything! If you remember that there can be no other result than drawing that to you. It is not a matter of needing to release or let go or learn more, it is a matter of acceptance of self.

Dear Ones, feel the energy in the room as we speak. Do you realize that the room is filled with your own higher loving energy? It is supported by your guides, your passed loved ones, the angels, the ascended masters. All here, beaming love at you to assist you in moving forward because, Dear Ones, in many ways this journey is not about yourself! For many of you in this room the journey is about the planet. Oh, you came in with a story to allow you to have a human experience. But in most aspects it is truth when we tell you that you are here to assist the planet. What that means is that your mastery is already attained. Most of you in this room did not need to be here (on the planet) right now. You came because you love. And you wanted to assist and help. You came to be Gods on earth. To remember who you are. There is nothing to be gained by keeping yourselves small. Stand tall in who you are. Stand tall in your truth. You will be loved and supported for it. It is what you are here to do. You will be supported in it because as you do so you will be supporting the earth and all of the other inhabitants of the earth. Again it ripples out, Dear Ones.

What would your life look like if you stopped your negative self talk? What if you started to talk to yourself as if you were a beloved child? Can you imagine if you spoke to a young child the way you speak to yourselves most days? You would be appalled if you ever heard another speak to a child in such a manner yet you do this to yourself the majority of the time that you are awake on a daily basis. When will you stop abusing yourselves, Dear Ones? When will you stop victimizing yourselves because you are the ones that are doing it to yourselves! Do you see this?

Interestingly, it takes much less energy to love yourself than it does to berate yourself yet you continue to do so for no good reason. Being small does not make you better. Flying under the radar does not keep you safe, it keeps you disempowered and it keeps you in pain. If you stand tall in your truth you will be stepping into the shoes that you are meant to fill this time, Dear Ones. You will be standing as the teachers and the examples of what all of humanity can attain. The fact that you are in this room listening to this message means that you are ready to do so. What would it really mean to live and act and love the rest of this lifetime as your empowered self? If you need something new for your thoughts to do, Dear Ones, we would suggest that you concentrate on that.

This is what we wish for you to know today particularly as we are moving forward into the energies of a new year, one that will be bringing manifestations in record time. If you are not ready to step in and take the reigns of your mastery, that negative self-talk will be wreaking havoc not only for yourselves but for your family and for the planet. It is time to start to live authentically.

You see this in your news reports. You are seeing that those who have been living behind a mask or have been playing a role are being exposed because we are coming into energies where not staying in your truth will not be supported any longer. You will see many celebrities falling from grace and politicians as well. These are great souls that choose to go through this in the public eye for our learning. We talk about being incongruent, about the insides not matching the outsides. That is old energy that is no longer being supported but yet if you have the courage to stand tall in your truth and who you really are you will be supported as never before. It can only go one way, Dear Ones. Do you see? It is a fail proof system. The only way that you will be uncomfortable will be if you continue to try to navigate the new energies the way that you did the old expired energies. It simply doesn’t work any longer.

Now we understand that asking you to step forward and stand tall in your mastery can be asking a lot of you. Many of you have had horrifying experiences doing that in the past. Many of you have been shunned and ridiculed, victimized, persecuted throughout the ages in your attempts to do so. Many of you have worked tirelessly in your mastery in the past only to have things fail. We understand that this can leave you feeling afraid to do it again. But you must understand, Dear Ones, that these are different times. These are unprecedented times on the planet and we are here to help you, so believe us when we tell you that you will only be supported in your efforts from here on in.

You have, in fact, been supported all along, were it not so you would not be where you are right now. As we move forward the supports will be felt to be even greater. The energy that you feel in this room can be amplified tenfold and follow you throughout each and every moment of your waking life. What would that feel like, Dear Ones? What effect would you have on humanity if you chose to embrace that because it is your choice and it is available to you and you are loved and honored and supported more than you can ever imagine. So our wish for you, Dear Ones, you great souls that chose to be here today, is that you understand and start to live this message.

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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