Etherically Speaking ~ February 24, 2017

Oh my goodness, if you are feeling very dehydrated and headachy you are experiencing what I call an energetic hangover from the solar stream we are on the receiving end of. We are going to feel the effects of this for several days, so it’s time to drink lots and lots of water. Water helps us shift with the energies, anyways, so being mindful of your hydration will only help you as we move into and through the eclipse on Sunday.

There are a lot of people reporting dizziness, nausea, fatigue and just feeling drained. Sleep disturbances and crazy dreams are common. For me it seems that the real emotional stuff came up the first half of this month, and the second half has had more physical symptoms. There is such a wild mix of energies and events happening it is hard to pinpoint, but intuitively I feel the dizziness/nausea/feeling like the ground is moving or not underneath you is due to the increase in the Schumann resonance.

Grounding, earthing, sea salt soaks, protein, and eating very clean healthy foods can help. Root vegetables (basically anything that grows IN the ground), nuts, and chocolate can assist with grounding. Yes, potatoes, nuts, and chocolate! Yay! :D On the other end of the spectrum, you may feel guided to fast for a while. Let your body take the lead.

The end of this intense month is in sight, so hang in there. Remember the importance of self care and using your intuition to guide you. Yes, it’s been intense, but we are being transformed and we are always loved, supported and assisted through these phases. We got this!

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