Etherically Speaking ~ February 9, 2017

So I do my best to go into what might be energetically challenging times with an open mind. In fact, after reading a few astrological articles, I was actually expecting this eclipse season (Feb 11 and Feb 26) to be easier than most. Seems like my expectation and my reality are very different things, as I just can’t seem to get comfortable in my own skin. I know I am not alone because I woke up this morning to an inbox full of messages from people asking me what was going on.

Common themes I am experiencing from myself and clients are fatigue, reevaluating, lack of interest in anything, colds/flu/purging, pockets of anxiety/depression, feeling full of doubt about things I usually feel very sure about, hidden information coming up to the surface, appetite fluctuations, fluctuations in temperature (being chilled and not able to warm up or feeling heat from within that is not a fever), and just being plain uncomfortable.

My advice is just lay low. Know this too shall pass. Avoid arguments if you can, as almost everyone is feeling discomfort. If you do have to have a discussion with someone, keep it as short, concise, and mindful as possible. Find what works to bring you ease and comfort, be it meditation, prayer, rest, salt water soaks, nature, and eating pure foods (or comfort foods!), or whatever else does the trick for you. Breathe.

Remember, all energies serve you in some way, and always leave you better for having experienced them. The universe, and your soul, has a plan! Find a way to flow with things the best you can and remember that times of intensity are generally short-lived. Focus on the things you are grateful for and know you are not alone in any of this. With eclipses you will generally feel the intensity rise the closer you get to it, and drop off substantially in the few days after. We’ve got this!

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