Etherically Speaking ~ Monday July 10, 2017

Wow, I’m finding the energies of July tough. I’ve been exhausted, emotional, and having to redirect myself constantly into more positive focus. Back/neck issues, gritty burning eyes, headaches that come and go, can’t sleep/can’t stop sleeping, achy joints, pockets of depression, burning hot feet, and just not being able to get comfortable have been prevalent symptoms. Having old issues come up for review yet again, in energies that aren’t feeling harmonious, is just not a good time, although I definitely have enough faith and trust to know that it all serves a purpose.

Spirit keeps giving me signs that I am being guided which I gratefully embrace – the other day I looked down and found a four leaf clover and then saw a girl at the grocery store with GABE tattooed on her arm. (Haha very subtle, universe!)

The powerful full moon and amped up solar activity is part of it, as is the fact we are in preparation for a very powerful month in August. I know I’m also adjusting to the energies of my move, and the fact that I’m somewhat in limbo between two places. The spiritual side of me knows it is all about transformation, but to be honest, the human side of me is just plain uncomfortable. This too shall pass is what I keep reminding myself.

I’m hearing from so many people that they are only able to navigate their lives one now moment at a time – that the new hasn’t quite shown up yet but feeling somehow that we have passed the point of no return in stepping away from the old. This time period absolutely insists that we use our tools, that we step into our mastery and apply what we know, even if we have no idea where we are going or what it is going to look like. Holding onto our dreams and using surrender and flow with faith and acceptance are absolute necessities. How are you finding the energies of this month so far?

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