Etherically Speaking ~ Wednesday September 13, 2017

I saw my friend Andrew Martin’s recent post, Stop Being Spiritual and it got me to thinking. I’ve got to be honest. Nothing about me feels like being spiritual lately. I don’t know if it is the energetic bombardment we’ve been under but I don’t feel compelled to do any of the spiritual things anymore.


I don’t meditate a lot (although I do feel connected with spirit every day). I haven’t felt compelled to read spiritual books for a long time now. I scroll past most of the spiritual posts I see on fb lately, because I don’t really feel anything needs to be fixed, or addressed. I do what is called for to adjust to any specific energy, but the doing phase of spirituality for me, at least for now, seems to be over. I feel like everything is just fine, exactly how it is. Gabriel has talked at length about the shift from initiate to actuate, from doing to being. Is that what this is? Perhaps.
As I was pondering all of this, it occurred to me that I have shifted from my energetic experience with cats to my energetic experience with dogs. In my earlier spiritual days, it was all very cat like – mystical and sometimes distant. I would love on my own terms but get too close and I’d need space. I would sometimes see things other people wouldn’t see (as my cats have always done), and lived on my own terms, whether it made sense to others or not. It all seemed rather mysterious and unknown, like being in your own little space that was in the world but not of it.
Who knew that this long-ass journey I’ve been on would lead me to just wanting happy-go-lucky dog energy? I just want to be present. I want to find the joy in EVERYTHING. I want to embrace every day fully open, from a place of love and enthusiasm, and have fun flowing and playing. I just want to be authentically me with no pretence or ritual involved, having the best time of life. Simple pleasures, that’s what resonates, whatever that may be in any given now moment.
I think the beauty of the journey is we walk a thousand miles to end up back home with ourselves, hopefully making some kind of peace with who we really are, and knowing ourselves from a deeper, more simplistic place. It may change tomorrow, but for right now a treat and a ride in the car can make for the best day ever. 
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