Archangel Gabriel

From Initiate to Actuate ~ Channeled September 24, 2011

Welcome, Dear Ones! How pleased and honored we are to be in your presence today. This is a sacred time on your planet and we are so pleased that you are in attendance with the group today. Of course, when we say group we mean all of those who are in attendance in this room as well as those who will enjoy this transmission on your internet at a later time. You see, because we are looking at things from a place that is beyond time and space, we do not work in linearity, so the energies, the amplified energies, of love, acceptance and healing that you are experiencing in this room as we speak, are accessible to each and every person that chooses to join in via this transmission at a later time. It is not about just experiencing the words. You may also experience the healing energies of this group at any time that you wish to. Quite a remarkable system is it not?

We are excited to be here today. The energies of the equinox support moving back into balance. Finding your equilibrium also assists the balance of Gaia because nothing can happen to you that does not happen to her and vice versa. It will become apparent why this is an important aspect of the energies of now as we continue on with our transmission.

It is time for you to come out of the spiritual closet, Dear Ones! Many of you have been gathering knowledge for many lifetimes. You have been working hard within this life expression and it is about preparing for the energies of now. You are ready. You have worked hard. Many of you are unhooking from your old lives, energetically distancing yourself from who you were and stepping into who you really are. Do you see? It is time for moving forward in your highest expression of self, embodying the energies of acceptance and allowing, and being the path pavers, the beacons if you will, blazing the trails and showing those who are yet to follow what it looks like. How joyous it can be, Dear Ones! Now is not the time to be small. Now is not the time to hide your light because you are afraid of what others may think. It is time to step forward and let your glory shine in whatever expression is divinely perfect for you.

There is no right or wrong, you see. We have spoken extensively on following the path of joy and the flow to take you where you wish to be. We love you for your mindfulness. Many will say, “But Gabriel, we don’t wish to make a mistake!” You cannot make a mistake now. You are so energetically sensitive that if you tried to move backwards in the wrong direction (there is no such thing, by the way, but as you would perceive it), you would simply get too uncomfortable to stay there for very long and would willingly move back into your highest alignment. You cannot make a mistake. In fact, we would say to you that if a mistake was possible it would be in choosing no movement at all, and again that even would not be a mistake because that would get uncomfortable as well. Do you see?

These are joyous times, Dear Ones! These times are what you have worked hard to achieve. Perhaps if we explain the stages of spiritual evolution you will have a better idea of what is going on.

It begins with what we call The Disinterested. These are the people who are having life expressions who care not about anything larger than themselves. They do not believe in God, they do not believe in energy, they have no interest in such things and yes, you have all had life expressions that contained that as well. (laughter) Usually those are life expressions where the highest interest is survival. Such incarnations do serve a purpose, make no mistake about it.

Now as the soul evolves, if you will, it will move from the disinterested state into that phase which we call The Initiate. Now, The Initiate is all about learning. The Initiate decides that there is more out there and decides to start gathering information, playing with the energies and forming his or her belief systems. This phase is the longest phase and can last many, many, many lifetimes as The Initiate explores the many different facets of spirituality and healing.

The final phase, that which you are stepping into now, Dear Ones, is the phase of The Actuate. What that means is that you are done your learning/preparation phase of Initiate and you are now putting into action the knowledge you have gathered throughout all these years and all of these lifetimes. You are embodying it. You are living it. We do not wish to make it sound as if learning stops at the stage of Actuate. Of course, learning and evolving is always occurring. What we mean is The Actuate has learned as much as he or she can in terms of gathering knowledge. The next phase of growth comes from the full time application of that knowledge.

Many people, when they step into the role of Actuate have healing. Because they are deciding to move forward with grace and ease, embracing their creator selves, the bumps on the road are no longer necessary for their growth and learning. It is a joyful time, so embody this, Dear Ones! Do not hesitate. You’ve worked hard. You’ve earned this. Let it show! Fly your banner high! Let your light shine brightly for all to see!

Let us give it to you this way. It is as if you have gone to school for many, many, many years to become a doctor. You have worked hard, you have studied, you have made your friends along the way, you have learned well, you have passed all of your exams and you have graduated. Wouldn’t it be silly if that graduate decided, I don’t think I know enough or maybe I’m not good enough and decided not to practice doctoring at all? Would that not seem perplexing to you? This is what many of you are doing, Dear Ones! You have a Doctorate in Spirituality, do you see? You have earned it! Do not hide out. Claim what are your just rewards for hard work done! Let go of the old illusions that you are not good enough or that you are somehow not deserving of it. If you could see it from our perspective you would see how ridiculous that idea truly is.

A friend of our dear partner said to her the other day that sitting on the fence was a pain in the a** and we couldn’t agree more. This is what many of you are attempting to do. Because you have been in the role of Initiate for so many lifetimes, for so many life expressions, you are reluctant to take your foot out of that world, so you are straddling both. The problem with that, Dear Ones, is if you are straddling, if you are trying to keep your foot in both energies you are not fully embodying either, do you see? Step forward into what you are here to do because you are ready and you will do it with wisdom and grace and joy. And if you do that, if you step forward in your highest alignment and keep your balance that the equinox is bringing you, you will assist Gaia in reaching the balance that she is so desperately trying to shift into. You will be living absolutely amazingly beautiful life expressions that you can barely dream of right now. This is your birthright, Dear Ones, do not be afraid to step into the shoes that you are meant to fill. This is what we want to leave you with today.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young


Shelley’s note: At the end of each live group channel, participants get to ask a question. I normally don’t include the question and answer portion when I post the channels, but I decided to include some today because I think people may be able to relate and find Gabriel’s answers helpful.

Question: What do you want me to know today?

Oh, Dear One! We want you to know what a soul of beauty you really are. We want you to know how proud we are of you for the incredible amount of growth that you have achieved over such a short amount of time and we wish for you to know that you are loved far beyond anything that you could ever imagine as we watch you step into who you really are. You are an inspiration to many, Dear One, keep spreading your light.

Question: What do you want me to know today? (Question from a young man with William’s Syndrome)

We are sensing a theme, here! (Laughter) Dear One, you are a master that walks already. You have chosen to come in in a way that allows people to practice unconditional love. You teach by your simple grace and wisdom. You inspire and you are so loved for it. That is what we want you to know, Dear One.

Question: Am I in my highest vibration?

Are you in joy? Do you live in joy the majority of the time? Because when you are in joy you are in your highest alignment. Oh, Dear One, not just yet but this does not mean that you haven’t taken tremendous strides forward from where you were just a short month ago. You have finally decided to step out of your own way and start to move forward in a way that is far more based in what really matters than ever before. You are finding your way back to your balance so keep moving forward. There are some things that you may wish to release. That will make that easier for you but it is not about needing to identify them. It is by setting your highest intention and staying in that flow and trusting that the universe is taking care of those steps for you. Stay out of your mind and stop trying to analyze all of the steps and you will do just fine.

Question: What can Gabriel share with me on my intention to lessen my tendency for perfectionistic ways and move towards acceptance?

Oh, what a wonderful question! Perfectionism frequently is a fear of the flow, Dear One. Perfectionism says, “I like to try and stay in control here. I want it to be all perfect. It needs to look a certain way in order to be perfect.” When you are looking thru your highest alignment, you will see that even the things that may appear on the outside to not be so perfect are actually exactly that. So perfectionism runs with its best friend, judgment, because in order to see if things are perfect enough for you, you must judge them first, do you see? It is with trust and flow that you can get to those places of beauty that are absolutely wondrous and in reality no matter how anything looks, everything is divinely perfect because God has made it so. You cannot improve on that! Do you see? It is about the acceptance and allowing that the universe has a divine wisdom far beyond what you do. Wonderful question! Thank you for sharing that learning opportunity with everyone.

Question: Will I succeed in my new routine with Michael?

We will say to you that we are in full agreement of the changes that you are bringing into your life expression. You are identifying certain areas where you wish to see positive change and more important than that, your actions are matching your intentions, so we would say continue along that path. You will find that you will tweak, if you will, along the way but it is a wonderful start.

Question: Is twilight coming to reality?

Our partner in transmission blocks when she doesn’t understand what the question is, so we will override what she is doing in this moment to tell you that you have nothing to fear, Dear One, but as the channel has brought through, we wish for you to stay in your highest alignment. You bounce in. you bounce out. You over analyze. You look. You are like a Mexican jumping bean that bops around all over the place and you know this. Do not be concerned with what is happening but be more concerned about creating what it is that you wish to see because that is part of your role here, Dear One. We will leave it at that.

Question: What is a good path for me at work?

We would say to you that as you embody more and more light and move into a balance that is more of your creator self, as you balance what you feel with what you think, you may be surprised to see that you have quite an abrupt and profound change in careers completely, Dear One. You may not accept this but as time moves forward (we are not talking about immediately) but as you move forward based on the rate of your own personal growth, you will naturally transition from one to another and it will be a much better fit for you energetically as you evolve. It is almost as if we wish to say that you will be evolving from one job to another to another in fact there may be a stepping stone between where you are now and where you want to go but if things come up follow that flow because it is what is taking you to where you want to go. It is as if your career path continues to evolve to match your new ever-enlightening energetic state.

Question: How can we improve our family relationships?

You are anchoring the light, Dear One, and you are trying to embody higher ways of doing things where perhaps we wish to say that members within your immediate soul group are vibrating at many different rates of vibration, if you will. This is not unique to just you, that could be applied to most people in this room. It is part of the challenge of being an Actuate, you see. It is being able to keep your balance, oh there’s that equinox word again! You see, it is about keeping your balance in the midst of others who are growing and evolving. The idea is to step back and to allow each and every person to be exactly where they are because their souls, their guides, their universe is guiding them to the exact areas that they need to experience. This would apply to all of you. The greatest way that you can assist others on their path is to get out their way and practice acceptance and allowing, and as you embody how good that can be, others will step into it as well, and as this continues to spiral forward, you will see the changes that come from people staying out of judgment. Anchor your own energy and allow people to be where they are. Furthermore, this is not necessarily to the Dear One asking the question, you are far beyond the energies of diving in and saving anyone at this point. To dive in and save because you think you know best is to say that you don’t trust that the universe is guiding your loved ones appropriately and that would be doing them a great disservice. Anchor the energies, be an example by what you know and who you are and you will be the greatest teachers that have ever appeared on their paths.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
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