Hurricane Update

Hey everyone. I just wanted to give you an update.

It is difficult to describe just how intense the hurricane was. Think of the worst storm you’ve ever experienced and imagine that intensity lasting for 10 hours straight with no breaks. It is a miracle we are here. We are tender, trying to process the trauma of it all.

Things are slow moving here. No power and the word is we took such a bad hit that the infrastructure needs massive repair so that doesn’t bode well for the electricity to be back up here anytime soon. They are talking weeks not days. We have a generator for our fridge and freezer but getting gas is a massive challenge. People are lined up for hours and police are needing to supervise the lines because people are frustrated and uncomfortable and resorting to violence. The biggest inconvenience right now is the lack of safe water. Everything needs to be boiled or bottled. I heard from our insurance company and the adjuster will be by within a few days. The cell service is spotty at best so I try to check in when it’s supported.

Because of the conditions I won’t be able to work for who knows how long. This means there will be no daily messages for the foreseeable future. If you have appointments booked with me, please know it is unlikely I will be able to keep them at this time. I truly apologize, but there is nothing I can do about it. I will try to contact you if I can, but if you have a session booked and I don’t show up for it, understand it was beyond my control and I wasn’t able to reach you because I didn’t have access to the internet. Please go ahead and rebook for a future date. You can do that by clicking the “change appointment” button in your confirmation email. If you have requested a session with me by email and are not booked through my scheduling system, I will contact you to book your appointment once I’m back up and operational.

There are many things to be grateful for! We are all safe. Compared to others we sustained minimal damage. I was worried about my little Holly but she had the best time snuggling with her humans as we sat on the floor in the hallway for hours and Beau thought it was great, too. The weather has been cooler than usual with lower humidity which is a blessing when you don’t have AC. Neighbours are helping each other out as much as they can and amazing souls from out of state are coming in to help as much as they can, however they can. So many blessings. And I realize storms are cleansing, and from an energetic perspective I am interested to see what comes from all of this. Most of all my heart is full from all the love, prayers, and well wishes so many of you sent. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I have no doubt it is because of you we came through this as well as we did.

I’m not sure when life will resume with any kind of predictability or normalcy here but one thing I can tell you for sure. Anyone who lived through this unbelievably powerful storm will be changed forever, as is the energy and landscape of florida.

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