Archangel Gabriel

Joyous Expectation ~ Channeled November 11, 2012

Archangel Gabriel

Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased and honoured we are to be in your presence today. We applaud you for making the time to come and be here and participate in the massive energies of the group today and, of course, when we say group, we mean not only those who are in the room at this time, but also those who will be enjoying this transmission on your internet at a later time.

We are so very excited for the energies that you are in right now. You are in a time of great acceleration, acceleration that you have not experienced in your lifetimes thus far. We understand when you are in accelerated movement it can be disconcerting. It can be difficult to keep your balance but you are all doing wonderfully, let us reassure you. You are taking your job so beautifully seriously. You are accomplishing much, Dear Ones, in fact, we would say that many of you are accomplishing more in your months and years than many have experienced in lifetimes. That is how accelerated your growth and movement is at this time, and we would like to address that today.

The level of acceleration that you are experiencing right now on your planet will continue right up until you shift into the energies of 2013. You will have event after event, all designed to move you forward in exactly the ways that are required. You cannot make a mistake. Please hear us when we say this! The universe, the helpers, your higher selves, your human selves, the planet – everything is working together in a beautiful ballet moving you forward towards the pivotal event of the galactic alignment on December 21, 2012.

These are the moments that your soul has incarnated to experience, right now. This is why your soul chose to be here. This is why you have had the many experiences within your life expression. It has all been for these right now moments. You are living it, you have done it. The entire universe is watching, bursting with love, for what you have achieved and what you are creating.

Now in your humanness, many of you are very hard on yourselves. Many, many of you have attempted ascension before and had it not work well. Because of this memory, many of you are putting tremendous pressure on yourselves to make sure the ascension happens this time. You are bringing a deep seriousness to it. You are incredibly committed, Dear Ones.

While we love you for your incredible commitment, please, please take the time to cherish these moments. For many of you this will be a crowning achievement in your soul experiences. Like any of your other major life experiences, savor this time. Enjoy every now moment. This is what it has all been for.

Anchor in your energies. Find your balance. Emit your light. Embrace who you really are. By staying in a calm and balanced, excited state, you will be leading others who are having difficulty finding their own balance points. You see, there are many who are in deep fear over the alignment. They have heard dark prophesies. They are fearful of the end of the world and they feel that they are powerless in the face of it all. Many will be getting very uncomfortable as they attempt to cling to the old ways and resist the movement of change. Be the beacons. Shine the way for them. Show them that not only is everything okay, everything is absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful! You get to choose!

Let us give it to you in this way. It is like you have been planning for a wedding and this is the most beautiful, true love expression because it is the uniting of people around the planet. It is your marriage to your brethren. Unity consciousness is a marriage, is it not? It is also the divine partnership between your human self and your soul self, your expression of Source while you are in the body. It is this deep communion of unconditional love on so many levels that will be opening the door for many divine partnerships to finally occur.

So you are planning this beautiful, love-based event and just like many of the weddings that you’ve experienced, you want it to be perfect. You want everyone to attend and share in your joy. You are caught up in the details. Dear Ones, do not make the mistake that so many make. They get so caught up in the event, they miss out on all the joyous expectation, excitement, and magic that comes with the entire experience. Cherish these moments for they are magical! They are to be celebrated! This is what you have worked so hard for, do you see?

It is also about keeping your excitement and your joy and your vision for what comes after the big event. How many times have you seen people who have only been concerned with the wedding and afterwards have no clue how to be married? Can you understand that this beautiful heart-centered event is the beginning? It is the start. It is the foundation for where you will all be going. Dust off your imaginations and start to think of what you want that to look like. There are endless possibilities in front of you all.

This is the gift of the energies you are moving into. Endless possibilities. Becoming the Gods on earth that you really are. Creating peace. Creating harmony. Creating unity. Creating unconditional love as a state of being that is the norm. Do you see? This is what you are doing! This is why it is so remarkable. Do not approach these times with fear. Approach them with joyous expectation and you will be anchoring the very energies that will be creating your heaven on earths.

In your humanness, many of you feel like you must be doing something. You have trouble believing that simply BEing is enough. You feel like you must have healings, you must have alignments, you must activate your DNA, you must do the perfect meditation, to make sure this all happens. Please know that each and every one of you are perfection exactly as you are. You are part of the dance of the universe and it is a self- correcting course at this point. You simply cannot make a mistake. Hear us when we tell you this. If you ended up moving in a direction that did not honour your soul and what you are here to experience, you would get uncomfortable in record time and you would naturally readjust. You simply cannot make a mistake. So please, hear us when we tell you that and finally throw that old fear out.

But we understand you want your instructions, so we will give them to you. Surrender and practice gratitude. If you do nothing else but practice surrender and gratitude, you will have done more than enough. It is that simple. If you surrender, you will be holding your highest alignment and moving forward with the greatest amount of ease possible. You will be allowing the universe and your guides to lead you seamlessly to exactly where you need to be. If you practice gratitude, you will be holding the energies of what you want to create and you will be embracing your Now moments. Those are the critical aspects to moving forward in enlightenment.

If you wish to meditate, we encourage you to do so. If healings feel good to you, we encourage you to do that. You get to choose. Do whatever feels good to you! Please understand you can absolutely experience the Shift with joy and excited anticipation. We fear many of you will be running about so wildly that you will be exhausted by the time we get into the new energies and you will be too tired to do much else but sleep. We do not want you to miss the party! (laughter)

You have worked hard. You have been doing the work. Most of you have been working tirelessly your entire incarnation. You have been purging and healing and realigning and filtering and perfecting and loving and connecting non-stop, in earnest, for the last 12 years. Now, Dear Ones, if you were in training for any other job on the planet, if you trained full time for twelve years, do you not think you would be ready? You are ready! Celebrate that! Enjoy the ride. This is what you came here to experience. You lined up for the ringside seats. Don’t sit in that coveted, special, VIP seating and then cover your eyes for heaven’s sake! At the very least peak out in between your fingers, will you? (More laughter.)

We honour you and love you so much for your diligence. It is that diligence that has made all of this possible, but now it is time to have some fun. Let’s anchor in the energies of joy! Let’s find the beauty in the system. Let your light shine brightly as the masters that you are, and join with the rest of the universe as we rejoice over these amazing times that you have created. That is what we will leave you with for today. As always, it has been our great pleasure.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
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