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Monday May 8, 2023

It’s Metaphysical Monday! Today’s post addresses the question, “Why can’t I hear my guides all of a sudden?”

It can be very confusing when you normally hear your guides really well and they suddenly fall into silence. It would be easy to begin thinking you’re doing something wrong or that they aren’t supporting you any more. Let me reassure you that is not the case!

When you are receiving an energetic download or upgrade, that process must take precedence over all others. It is like you are placed in a cone or a tube that will only contain the energies that need to be received. While you are still connected to all things, it can feel somewhat isolated and you will temporarily lose some of the energetic sensitivities you normally have, including hearing your guides.

It may help to think of it much like doing an upgrade on your computer. No other processes can be running while you are downloading the new codes and files because they need to be received in their purest form without anything else interfering with them. It is the same with your energetic downloads.

In no way does this mean your guides are not present with you. They are absolutely there, loving you and cheering you on as always. You just aren’t able to feel them or sense them while you are in your process. So rest easy should this happen and know that if you suddenly can’t hear your guides, it is simply a sign that you are on the receiving end of some new energies that indicate progress on your journey. As soon as you are done integrating the energies, you will feel them just as you always have, and maybe even a little bit more!

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