Archangel Gabriel

Moving Beyond the Solstice ~ Channeled June 21, 2015

Archangel Gabriel

Greetings, Dear Ones, how pleased we are to be celebrating yet another summer solstice with you! It is one of our very favourite events, the summer solstice, as people come together in celebration of the light. We honour you for being here to anchor the energies of the group and, of course, when we say group we mean not only those who are in this room, but also those who will be experiencing this transmission on your internet at a later time.

We wish you a happy and blessed solstice! Each one of these mile markers of your linear time are mapping out the accomplishments of your lifetime. We remind you that solstices and equinoxes serve to save your progress. They lock in the energetics and the growth that has been attained. This is beautifully important, you see, because what this means is that there will never be a point where you will forget who you are, or lose the progress that you have gained.

Each time you save a brand new energetic level of attainment, it means that your new normal is a higher vibrational state. It means that all of the purging and shifting and integrating and releasing that you have done is being locked in energetically. This is what we mean when we tell you that your paths are self-correcting. You cannot lose the progress that you have made.

You may momentarily forget what you know, but if you start to make decisions that are not representative of the energetic state that is your norm, you will start to become very uncomfortable, indeed. From that place of discomfort you will eventually choose to re-surrender, to move back into the flow, and get back into the energies that best support you, and feel right for you.

So based on that, Dear Ones, we ask you to take a moment to celebrate yourselves and understand how sacred it is that you are sitting in these energies, and receiving the locking in of the very hard work that you have done.

We understand that the energies that you have been in over the last couple of months have been particularly difficult for a great many of you. We understand that that is your viewpoint as a human being in the body, and we are not dismissing it in any way. But we would like to point out that what you are doing energetically is so profound, on a soul level you are beyond excited that you could take on so much at one time.

Not long ago in your ascension journey, you could only take in a little bit at a time, but you have become so adept at receiving energy, at shifting, at transmuting, at allowing, and at letting go, that you are able to do so much all at once. It is like you have become energetic masters in the sense that you can do so much at one time and this is something, again, that should be celebrated and seen as a wondrous thing.

You are very diligent and many of you are completely dedicated to walking your enlightenment paths, that the idea that you can take on so much, that you can energetically multi-task, if you will, is something that will bring you great joy, if you allow that truth to settle down into your beingness.

We spoke in one of our previous channels about the idea that you have been in what we would call energetic rapids since mid 2012 and that, with the last of the Pluto Uranus squares, you were coming out of the rapids, and this is very much the case. You have come to the end of the rapids and this is what you are experiencing energetically.

So think of what things look like at the end of rapids. While you are in the rapids it is very busy, indeed! It feels very much like one thing hits you after another after another. You can barely catch your breath, there is so much going on. It is very difficult to get used to any one energy at a time. But when you come to the end of rapids, often times you will find that the bottom of the water gets churned up, and this is exactly what has been happening for you energetically.

You are seeing things get stirred up for you. That does not mean that you have lost your progress, or that you have not done a good job or received the gift of the rapids, it just means that it is part of the coming out process. You are moving through the stirred up part and into the second phase of this year, which will be markedly different than the first half of 2015.

So what you will find is that the action of the rapids has smoothed out. There may still be areas with a bit of white water, if you will, but by and large your path, your trajectory, is smoothing out. It is going to be moving very quickly, incredibly quickly, but you are definitely getting a chance to catch your breath and see where you have landed.

Now, in the process of being in the rapids, you have been dealing with releasing a great deal of energy. Think of the agitation action of a washing machine. You have been dealing with the releasing of whatever could not come with you into the new energies. This is not news. We have spoken of this time and again, as have many other people on your planet. You have been releasing century’s worth of density, and this has been a marvelous thing. You have been through a purification process, if you will, to get to your truth in a way that has been greatly accelerated, somewhat challenging, but incredibly efficient.

Many of you are saying, “Well, I’ve been working through all of these issues. I’ve been in these rapids for so long, I should be through with these issues!” Just because you see a rock again, once you come out of the busy part of the rapids, doesn’t mean that you have lost the progress of travelling all the way down from the top, does it? If you gave it no extra attention – if you said, “Oh, there’s another rock. There it is. I’m going to sail right on past that”, the rock wouldn’t be an issue at all.

But what has also been happening is as you have been transmuted through this process, is you have become captains of your own ships, shall we say, that come equipped with a very advanced navigation system that is directed by where you focus. So imagine the power of that. Wherever you place your attention, the navigation system of your ship is so responsive that it immediately steers you directly there.

So if you have passed symbolic rocks of anger, frustration, pain and hurt throughout your rapids, and as you came out the end you were shocked to see that there was yet another rock labeled anger and you focused on it, what do you think would happen? You would immediately steer your raft straight to that rock and stay there, in great discomfort, with the water churning all about you.

But it was never meant for you to stop there, Dear Ones. That was never the intention. The intention was simply to say, “Oh look there’s another rock of anger! We’re just going to acknowledge it and wave at it on our way by because we are not stopping in these rapids. These rapids are transformation. Look at what I am transforming. Look at what I am moving beyond!”

So what we are trying to say here, Dear Ones, as you steer your individual rafts through your focus, is that more than ever, it is important for you to keep your eyes on what it is that you wish to experience, and what you wish to create for yourselves moving forward.

We have called 2015 The Year of Discovery and this is exactly why. You are starting to learn this. This is the wonderful opportunity for you to start using your mastery. This is the time for you to start to apply all of the things that you have been learning for these right now moments.

Many of you have been gathering tools, waiting for some magical time to finally use them, and we would say to you the time is now. So for a great many of you, you will find your paths opening up in ways that support you in using the tools that you’ve accumulated. This is what’s going to help you find the sweet spot on your paths where it all comes together, where all of the learning, all of the experience you’ve been through is leading up to you stepping into, not duty, but joyful service, experiencing yourself in your highest expression of self again, and again, and again.

So it is time, Dear Ones, for you to step out of the classrooms and to start to use those tools. It is time for you to see what you can do with them. It is time for you to come out as the spiritual human beings that you are. It is time for you to joyfully play with it all, and know that you are completely safe to do so.

Every student, no matter what they are learning, goes through that transition where it is time to graduate and get out of the classroom to apply what they know in their day-to-day life. That is the beauty of the time you are in right now.

This does not need to be met with trepidation because you’ve been releasing your fear down those rapids, you see. This is time for you to make your own discoveries, to see what works for you, and what doesn’t. To see what works for others, and what doesn’t. It is time for you to embody your true energies, unapologetically, and to allow the world to respond to them.

It does not matter if you don’t know exactly what it is that you want to do. Don’t stall your movement because you aren’t sure what it looks like. There are some things that you will always know that you want. You can surrender into the flow of love, you can surrender into the flow of healing. You can surrender into the flow of joyful service, into the flow of beauty, into the flow of partnership. You can simply just surrender into joy. There are some givens that you know you wish to experience, and if that is all that you know, it is more than enough to place your focus on and let your boat steer you there.

Enjoy how things unfold along the way for you! You can treat it like a treasure hunt, where there are all kinds of miracles and magic to be discovered. These are the times that you have been waiting for. This is what all the work has been for.

Yes, there will be more shifting. Yes, there will be more solar flares. Yes, there will be more astrological alignments. Yes, there will be more mercury retrogrades, Dear Ones. (laughter) Of course there will! You are ever expanding and ever experiencing and driving this magnificent shift with each and every decision that you make. That is how powerful you are!

Trust in the system. If there is something you need to address, it will come up for you. Acknowledge it and move on. You don’t have to be always looking for trouble. You don’t have to be endlessly looking for things to release. If this last couple of years have taught you anything, it is that the energies will take care of these things for you.

What about if you started to live with the expectation of everything wonderful? What if you started to live as if you really already had it all? Because you do. You do. That’s what has been under all of that stuff that you’ve been releasing – your mastery!

Another thing that we would like to suggest is that you start seeing the earth in her majesty, as well. We understand that many well-meaning lightworkers look for problems and density in the earth, but much like looking for problems and density in yourself, if you keep looking for trouble, you will find it. What about holding the vision of the planet gloriously shifting, holding the energies of peace and harmony? What if you saw the planet as whole, healed and thriving, and all of her inhabitants, as well?

The greatest supports that you can give each other is seeing each other in your glory, by uplifting each other, by supporting each other, by encouraging each other. You will be amazed at what you can create if you all start to do just that.

We wish joyful days for you. We wish you love. We wish you unity. We wish you deep, satisfying happiness. We wish that you be seen and heard and understood as the glorious beings that you are. And more than anything else, we wish that you celebrate all that you have accomplished and excitedly embrace where you are going, and with that we will bid you adieu. It has been our great pleasure.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
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