Intuitive Parenting – Energetic Approaches for Guiding Today’s Children


Parent/child relationships are incredibly multi-faceted. They will never be perfect by everyone’s standards, but will always be perfect for us, and there is always, always room to deepen, strengthen, and nurture this relationship and how we relate to each other if we allow our hearts and our wisdom to lead the way. This course is designed to help give you new energetic tools and supports to do just that. Full course details available here.


Parenting is one of the most challenging and complex jobs we will ever have. With the energetic changes that are occurring on the planet as well as the different needs and sensitivities the children of today have, it is becoming more and more essential to be able to connect with and lead our children in ways that empower everyone involved

Awakened Parenting is a process of empowering your child in an age appropriate way as well as teaching by example. It is intuitively connecting with your child’s unique energetic needs as well as taking on the role of shepherd with you child. It is creating and holding the space for them to explore and grow.