The Divine Combination


The Divine Combination course is comprised of six mp3 downloads as outlined on the course page here. If you struggle with staying in surrender or trust, this is the course for you!


The Divine Combination is the body of work that I am most excited about, out of all of the teachings Gabriel and I have presented over the years! It truly is a phenomenal system that is producing profound and lasting change in the lives of the people who use it.

Within the course we examine the essential elements of the Divine Combination, why they are important, and how, when utilized together, they open the doorway to enlightenment and activate the path of grace, ease and beingness.

Every class closely examines the importance of each aspect, and Gabriel himself leads a channeled meditation to allow each student to further experience the element in a deep and personal way for themselves.
People who have learned and used the Divine Combination in their lives report that it has helped them move beyond blockages they have struggled with for years and has put all of the pieces of the puzzle together for them in very magical ways. This truly is the new, supported operating system for the enlightening human being, and anyone can learn how to use this system regardless of their level of spiritual understanding, to start making immediate, profound, positive, and empowered lasting change in their life.