Archangel Gabriel

The Accelerated Energies of Now ~ Channeled June 20, 2011

Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased and honored we are to be in your presence during these amazing and unprecedented times. How are you holding up? Do you feel battered and worn or have you been able to keep your balance?

You are in a pocket of extremely accelerated energies.
The acceleration began at the beginning of May. As you stepped into the energies of May, it was as though you were fired out of a cannon, and where you landed was much further along on your energetic path. This vast period of acceleration has been disconcerting for many. Things may feel as if they’ve moved so quickly that you can barely catch your breath. Do not be alarmed, Dear Ones, you will be just fine.

Remember, back in the day, when you used to moan that not much was happening? Some of you may be looking back at those times fondly now! (laughter) We jest. Know that for every huge forward movement there will always be a plateau to allow you to catch your breath. Because so many of you are so very committed to the ascension process, these break periods are shorter and shorter. Long breaks or plateaus are simply no longer required because you are all so anxious to fully arrive in the New Earth and this, Dear Ones, is one of the reasons why we burst with love for you.

You understand that you are in the middle of a series of eclipses. Our best way of explaining an eclipse is to ask you to imagine being in a movie theatre watching a play and the curtain being drawn after an act. That is the equivalent of an eclipse. It is the drawing of the curtain. It symbolizes the end or the wrapping up of a segment of your life. But what also happens after that, is the curtains will open again to a whole new vista. Sometimes it can take a moment to orient yourself and to make sense of the new scene. It is always fresh and new and follows the energetic culmination of the act that went before it.

On top of that, you have the energies of the solstice. As we’ve told you before, solstices often act as save points. They energetically lock in your progress. So what you have had is two scenes finished in your lives, opening to two new vistas and a save point. Do you see? Exciting times indeed!!

With the solstice energies, you will be experiencing an influx or beam of energy from the Great Central Sun. This will affect the earth and affect those who inhabit her. With any beam or influx of higher vibrating light energy, everything will shift. You may see extreme weather, earthquakes and other seismic events. If this occurs, Dear Ones, it is simply Gaia releasing what she no longer wishes to hold.

What you may see planetarily as a result of the beam of energy from the Great Central Sun is the earth experiencing what can best be described as a wobble. Experiencing a wobble on the planet will further exaggerate the distortion of time as well as sensations of dizziness, vertigo and ungroundedness in Gaia’ s inhabitants. Do not be too concerned, Dear Ones. As with most ascension symptoms, they will not last long.

We understand that this sounds like an awful lot. On top of this, during this period of acceleration, you may very well see people acting out in unreasonable or lawless manners. You may also hear of many people passing and transitioning out of the body. These things can be challenging to understand. Even those who are well along their spiritual paths can, understandably, have very human reactions, particularly to losing loved ones.

What we wish for you to understand is that when you lose a beloved member of your family or soul group, your body will automatically move into an energetic shift. This occurs when the energetic ties that bound you with your loved one dissolve, leaving you energetically different. You will literally be adjusting to living without their energy. As with any other time that you experience an energetic shift, it is important to be kind and gentle with yourself and to honor the practice as being sacred. Tears are an integral part of the energetic shift that comes with loss. As with all other things, you will move through mourning the smoothest way possible if you do not resist the energetic changes in your body.

There will be many who will choose not to stay on Gaia and experience the New Earth. It is simply something they do not wish to experience for whatever reason. That decision is made on a soul level and should be honored. What we are finding is that those who have been walking a spiritual path are reluctant to allow themselves the luxury of mourning and having that very human experience. Dear Ones, please embrace both sides of yourselves, the spiritual side and the human side, because you are here to experience both and both are equally important and beautiful.

We understand that many of you are experiencing challenges. You have gathered the knowledge and skills required to move through these exciting times. It is what your soul came here to experience. Do not allow yourselves to fall into fear or doubt. You have everything you need to navigate these energies with grace and ease and love and yes, Dear Ones, even joy! If you simply remember what you know and stay in the now, you will be able to do this and move through it with the greatest of ease. And this, Dear Ones, is all we have for you today. Please know that you are loved beyond measure and that we are walking with you throughout these amazing times.

Shelley’s Note: I apologize for the long time between postings. I have been busy experiencing many endings and the wrapping up of my old life. It began in the beginning of May with the sudden illness of my father, and intensified until in the span of seven days, I watched my daughter graduate high school, my beloved father die, signed the final papers for my divorce and planned and held a funeral. I know I am not the only one going thru such challenges. If it helps at all, I found that concentrating on one step at a time, practicing surrender and acceptance and staying in the now was what made it manageable. If you are one who is also going thru similar events, I hope you will find this channel helpful and know that amazing new beginnings are on the horizon.

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
Transcribed by Terri DeMarco

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