Archangel Gabriel

The Art of Balanced Creation ~ Channeled March 20, 2015

Archangel Gabriel

Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased we are to be in your presence today. We honour you for coming to anchor the energies of the group on this day of the equinox, and, of course, when we say group we mean not only those who are in the room at this time, but also those who will be enjoying this transmission on your internet at a later time.

What a truly magical moment of time you are in right now. You have made it through such a transformative set of pivotal alignments. You have been tossed around, thoroughly pummeled, and cleansed like never before, and with every little piece that you have released, you have made more room for the enlightenment light codes that are flooding your planet. You should be so proud of yourselves for all that you have done, for you all that you have experienced, for all that you have given. You have been courageous, you have been full of grace, you have had good humour, and you have supported one another in this process. You should be very pleased with yourselves, as we are with you, in your collective efforts.

You understand that you are in a ripe opportunity to let go of everything that no longer suits who you have evolved into. You are like brand new human beings in many ways. You have let go of centuries of conditioning, old belief systems, fears, worries, doubts. You have peeled back the layers and gotten in touch with your own divinity, your innate beingness.

Equinoxes are days of great balance. They also serve to save your progress. So here you are placed in this last moment of your zodiac, the grand ending and a brand new beginning, that is far more profound than you are realizing in this right now moment. It will become apparent to you as time moves forward, the magnificence of the times you are in.

So you are stepping into very fast moving energies, lighter than you have ever been before, being supported energetically like never before. You are moving forward into a time of balanced creation. That is the gift that you are receiving on this day – moving forward into balanced creation.

You have learned how to get in touch with your authentic selves. You have learned the importance of self-care through many of the events that you’ve been through. You have been working hard on staying focused and putting your focus and energy into what it is that you would like to create, and you are now poised at an opportunity to create from a place of balance, a place of service to yourself, and to others. You are going to learn how to flow in the model of balanced creation.

The trinity of manifestation includes giving, receiving, and deep heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for the experience of it all. You are going to learn how to effortlessly give to yourself, how to graciously receive, understanding that receiving is an essential part of the manifestation model. You will learn to give. You will give from the heart. You will give as an expression of yourself and you will give for the joy of giving.

You will see the beauty of both the giving and the receiving that you do. You will seamlessly be moving into a dance of creation and because you have emptied your vessels so much of the energies that caused you fear and doubt, you will be flowing and manifesting with a power that has not been seen on your planet thus far. You are ready for this opportunity.

This is what the years of transformation that you have been going through have been all about. By receiving you will be experiencing healing. By receiving healing you are giving the gift of allowing others to be of their highest service being healers. You are in a dance with each other. One gives, the other receives. Perhaps another day you will give and another will receive. You will be understanding the importance of honouring others in the joy of both giving and receiving and having a profound, heartfelt gratitude for all of the above, which will only further anchor you in the art of balanced creation.

You are starting to finally understand your innate power, and you have moved forward enough into such a place of authenticity that for the first time you will be able to experience your power without misusing it. You will find great joy from expressing yourselves as your highest aspects of self. You will find very little will feel as good as doing just that because it is accepting your part as an honoured and divine piece of the greater whole.

As you start to embrace experiencing yourself as part of that greater whole, you will celebrate and appreciate others in their process, as well. You will be spending much less time being concerned with what you might consider to be wrong, and joyfully appreciating all that is right in your lives.

You will flowing. You will understand that the art of creation is movement and that your balance point moves. You will be nquick to reach out a hand to support another if they are in need, and others will be quick to reach out a hand to support you, as well. But more and more, you will be seeing how completely capable you are to navigate your lives and create the life expressions that you have always dreamed of.

This a glorious time watching so many of you poised to truly start to create and experience the lives you’ve always yearned for. You are all going to be beautiful instruments of spirit because you will be flowing and ready to be of service. You will find yourselves, more and more, being in the right place at the right time to serve others, and finding others in the right place at the right time to serve you. Can you imagine what this will feel like? This is moving into a supported path of movement, of creation, of grace, of ease, of joy, of beauty, of connectedness, of love.

You are all in this together. You are all equally important. You have driven the shift this far and you are finally starting to taste the fruits of what all of that labour has been for. You will learn to receive energies joyfully with much less discomfort because you will be embracing them, and you will learn how to release with an equal joy and appreciation. Just as your heart beats, just as the tides come in and go out, you will be moving with the ebb and flow of the universe, giving and receiving, experiencing and creating. This it what it has all been for! Enjoy it. Savour these moments! Your souls have been waiting for these right now moments for so very, very long.

It is safe for you to appreciate yourselves. You do not need to fear falling into ego or somehow losing your progress. You are in a place at this stage of the game where you could never stay in lower vibrating energies for long. It would feel too horrible to you. You thrive and receive your sustenance from the higher energies and that state of alignment will be your preferred place to operate from. This is what we wished to share with you today. It has been our greatest pleasure.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
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