The Buffet of Ascension ~ Channeled October 15, 2010

We wish to speak on the energies that are occurring and being experienced since the pivotal date of 10/10/10.

Dear Ones, we wish for you to understand that the energies of joy, unconditional love, and enlightenment are now at your fingertips.  These are wondrous times, indeed!  Many of you, as you have been walking the path of the enlightening human being, have absolutely lost sight of how far you have come.  Celebrate your successes!

We understand that it can be difficult to gauge your own growth when it has been occurring slowly and subtly for so many years.  We invite you to look back.  Look back to where you were a year ago, 5 years ago, 10 years ago and you will really start to get a feel of what has been accomplished.  Many of you are bringing forth growth in a matter of months and years that in previous times would have required lifetimes to achieve.  What an incredible achievement!   It matters not whether it is first time growth or merely remembering growth that had been achieved in other lifetime experiences.

What mastery is, Dear Ones, is remembering what you know and applying it.  This is what is so very exciting about this process.  Not only are you remembering the wisdom of your soul, you are actually applying it to your human experience.  Exciting times, indeed!

Now, we understand that many of you are feeling quite battered, quite worn, that this is a process that is never ending or never bringing you to the promised energies.  In your humanness, when things weren’t occurring according to the timeline you felt it should, you have adopted belief systems that are not honoring the process.   It is a very normal human reaction when you think things are wrong to start focusing on what you perceive to be wrong and trying to fix it.  This is not the time to be misusing your mastery, focusing on what is “wrong” or what you don’t want.

In reality, you are in energies that, combined with your level of mastery, can create what you want and what you DON’T want in record time.  Be aware of this, Dear Ones.  We understand that the journey has felt long and arduous but you are now in energies where you can almost instantaneously experience as much grace and ease and unconditional love as you wish to experience.  We also understand that many of you have been experiencing many bodily symptoms as your physical body is attuning itself to these higher energies.  While there is great comfort in knowing that others are experiencing similar things, please know, much like any normal human discomfort, if you focus on your discomfort, you are only energetically creating more of it.  What if you set your intention and focus on moving into the new energies with the highest degree of joy and flow, excitement, grace and ease?  What would that feel like?   Because either option is equally available to you.

These are exciting times, indeed.  In your pre-awakening lifetime experience, moments of joy would stand out as very few and far between in your lifetime, often separated by many years.  People would often talk about the joy of getting married, the joy of the birth of a child or perhaps the excitement of graduating from university or receiving a promotion or new job.  In most normal life experiences, there are only a handful of these high points within the incarnation.  Those who are enlightening human beings have had glimpses of that pure joy much more frequently.  Perhaps it only happened once a year or every six months at the beginning of your awakening process.  And as you have progressed it has been happening with more and more frequency, where many of you are now experiencing the joy of universal connection on a weekly and sometimes daily basis.  What remarkable growth!  Dear Ones, if you stay in the flow and hold close to your heart what you know to be true, the energies of today make that pure love and joy accessible to you whenever you choose.

So imagine that you have a gigantic plate waiting to be filled at the Universal Buffet.  Do you wish to fill your plate with the old stale energies of fear, doubt and discomfort?  Or would you like to heap your plate full of love, joy, unity consciousness and endless support because you see, Dear Ones, you are at a place where all these options are available to you.  It is up to you what you wish to choose.

You are all loved and supported more than you could ever imagine.  We applaud you for your courage, strength and love during these amazing times.  This is all we have for you today.

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
Transcribed by Terri DeMarco

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