The Flow Channeled May 29/09


Flow…what is the flow?

Such a hot topic of conversation these days.  What we have found in enlightening human beings such as yourselves, quite a willingness to move into the flow when there is tangible movement.  Where the enlightening human beings lose their ability to follow the flow is when they are in period of lull (or a lack of perceived movement).  Rather than embracing a lull period as a vital period of time that is designed to allow rest, release and assimilation of energy, for some reason they will very quickly launch themselves into a period of angst.  Rather than seeing it as a lovely and well earned vacation period, they will launch themselves into great despair, usually within a few days, bemoaning the fact that there is no movement, no growth, no creation….that things feel awful, they are depressed, they can’t feel spirit around them, and believe by and large, that they are very  broken indeed.

This is rather comical to us as we lovingly watch you cycle through this because we see it for what it really is. 

     We give the analogy that if you have students in a classroom, and they suddenly find out that school will be closed for the next few days, they will happily run from the classroom making plans for what they can do with their newfound freedom.  We have yet to see a student linger in a classroom gnashing their teeth over whether they will be perceived as lazy or wondering if something is horribly wrong since their studies won’t be continuing for the next few days. Nor do they fear that their classroom will cease to exist if they leave it.  No, they joyfully delight in the fact that they now have time for leisure activities.  We can learn a lot from our children!

     Lulls are created as a gift or present for hard work done.  They do not indicate a lack of progress.  The progress and growth continues, it is just “behind the scenes”, if you will.  It is a time to kind and gentle with yourself, as much can be going on during such a period.  It should embraced, much like a hard worked for and long awaited vacation.   It gives you an opportunity to focus on the now and whatever brings you pleasure – all the things you may have yearned for time to enjoy during a busier period of flow.   During a lull period, people will often be releasing or transmuting lower energies that no longer suit their newly acquired state of being.  They may be integrating new skills or higher energies.  Sometimes this process will require more sleep, or greater amounts of food.  Sometimes it will be marked by unusual bodily symptoms or emotions that you rarely experience anymore.  Often times those experiencing this will send themselves into a frenzy of worry, so concerned that depression, anger, frustration or any of the lower emotions have reared their ugly heads.  They say, “Oh no, not this again…I thought I was past all of this!  There must be something terribly wrong with me!”  They then react by trying to stuff down those old emotions that are trying to leave by suppressing or denying them.

     They say, “I have worked so hard, these can’t be mine!”  They are right, that is why they are trying to leave.  Yet they will continue to try to stop this which actually only serves to make the lull period longer and more uncomfortable than it is designed to be.  We suggest that in a time of release, you look at it as a parade.  Oh look, there goes some anger!! There goes a large float of depression!  And look!  Here comes the anxiety!  Wave at them merrily as they pass you by, realizing that they are not stopping at your point on the parade route.

      Once the humans come out of their lull period, usually quite battered and worn because they haven’t honored themselves in the way they needed and have resisted the entire process mightily, they carry their fear into the next flow period.  They will see themselves as not whole or worthy and start to panic about their ability to move into the flow.  So now what we have is a human who was doing quite nicely just a few weeks before now afraid of both the lull and the flow.  They start to think, what if there are problems, what if there are things I don’t see, how do I get around them?!  So sad, that even though they were feeling quite competent just a short time ago, they will suddenly doubt their skills and abilities.  Does the child worry that he has lost what was learned before his unexpected vacation?  No, he simply returns to the classroom and picks up where he left off. 

     We say this to you.  A droplet of water at the top of the stream does not hesitate, concerned that there might be a rock below.  It doesn’t sit there and say what if the rock is big?  Should I go to the left or right of any rocks?  No, the water droplet knows that the momentum of the flow will simply carry it to where it needs to be.  Now, occasionally that water droplet may find itself in a quiet bay of water that has formed along the side of the river. We don’t see the water droplet panicking that it has ended up in the bay. When the time is right, nature will take it’s course and there will be an influx of rain that will allow the water droplet to be swept out of the lull of the bay area and back into the action of the forward moving flow.  This is what we invite you enlightening human beings to do!  We invite you to understand that a lull period serves a great purpose and to embrace both the periods of movement and stillness as being the entirety of the flow.

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