The Great Divide Channeled June 26/09

We are hoping to address the issue of what is going on with the shifting of the energies that are occurring on earth.  What humans are being presented with as a result of the higher energies on earth is a choice between false power (the ego), and authentic power (connection with Source).   As the energies are shifting, the ego realizes that should the human stay in the flow, they will be moved into greater alignment with the higher self.  Should the human embrace the truth of authentic power, the ego self will lose control.  The ego, recognizing this, will fight tooth and nail to preserve its existence by blocking the person in their attempt to embrace living through the higher self.   How it does this is through fear, doubt, anger, frustration, angst, anxiety, depression, addiction, materialism and envy.  (Interestingly, all of the seven deadly sins are aspects of ego.) While they may not necessarily lead you to death, they do not allow an empowered life existence.   Each and every one of these aspects serve to block a person from stepping into authentic power or enlightenment.  They are the great masqueraders.  They trick the human into thinking that by embracing their traits they will have a more fulfilled life experience.  This, of course, couldn’t be further from the truth.


The energies have been shifting on the planet for quite a long time now.  At first, they began as gentle nudges and bumps, all designed to get the human beings to pay attention.  As time went by it became more noticeable.  There were physical symptoms, tragedies that spurred the human to begin to ask the bigger questions, and much stripping away of the old familiar aspects of their lives, all designed to create the perfect environment for change to occur.  And many, many people got it!  Many saw that there was something more happening and their souls caught glimpses of what was happening behind the veil of unconsciousness.  Such an exciting time for us as we lovingly watch the process! It truly has been the greatest show on earth!


Due to the courage of the souls on earth who decided to venture into uncharted territory, the earth began to evolve and the earth, rather than being on a crash course of destruction, entered into an amazing dance with her occupants, each moving forward at separate times in support of the other.  And it has been a joyous dance, indeed!  And while the process has had its share of stalls and challenges, it has kept on a forward course with much progress being made.


Now as time has moved forward, the dance has picked up its pace.  The humans who are embracing this process have made remarkable progress.  Time seems to be speeding up.  Things are manifesting at a pace never before seen, further supporting the level of development the human is at.  If the human has become mindful with their thoughts and beliefs, they are being supported like never before.  If the human is still unconscious with their thoughts, the result of that is coming back in record time.  It was very difficult to really grasp the concept of cause and effect through the thought processes when time was moving slower.  It is impossible to miss in these faster moving energies.  This is all designed to allow each human being to experience their creator selves.


The human beings on the planet are also cycling like never before, looping around time and again to their greatest fears and challenges in a marvelous opportunity to finally move beyond them once and for all.  For each time an issue loops it has gained intensity, turning up the heat, so to speak, to encourage the human to finally face the issue, heal it and come out the other side, free to create from a place beyond fear.


Now as the energies on the planet become more intense, those who have been steadfastly resisting the process are finding themselves in very painful places indeed.  What is happening is the energies are moving people forward and the ego is holding people back which can create great discomfort within the human.  You will see humans clinging to the old energy ways, believing that they are most valid, yet getting more and more uncomfortable with each shift of energy.  It is designed this way on purpose.  What will happen is those who are clinging mightily to the old ways will find themselves to be in great despair.  This despair is a good thing.  The despair forces them into action.  Once they reach an unbearable level of discomfort, they will do one of two things.  They will either choose to move forward because where they are has become far to painful, or they will decide, on a soul level, that the experience is far too difficult (or something they do not wish to experience within this lifetime for whatever reason) and choose to leave the body and return home.  This thought feeds great fear in humanity but this is not punishment.  This is simply a weeding out energetically, if you will, so the earth can move into what humans have professed they’ve wanted for their earth for many, many years.  The earth cannot shift into its full glory if it is being held back by the density of the non-evolving human.  Isn’t it ironic that the humans that stand on the earth can be the hugest pollution the earth has to contend with? 


Think of an adult education course.  If someone signed up for a class, but rarely attended, didn’t listen, didn’t hand in assignments, and refused to participate it would be unrealistic for that student to expect to move on the next level.   Not passing the student would not be a punishment, it would simply be a direct result of the student’s choices.  It wouldn’t mean that the student is a bad person, or unworthy or forsaken by God, it would simply mean that they had refused to participate for whatever reason and naturally couldn’t move on to the next phase.   Please understand that there is no judgment here.   So, as the energies continue to shift and we see many humans mightily resisting, we will see many falling into great states of despair creating disease in their bodies, unrest, and generally breaking down.  It is part of the process and they are loved thoroughly throughout it all. 


Now those humans who are not resisting and are having the courage to stay in the flow and move into their authentic selves are quite a different story.  While admittedly they may experience what you call ascension symptoms (we like to refer to them as growing pains), the process is moving them into higher states of being in record numbers never seen on the planet before.  They are in a wonderful dance,  assisting the earth, as the earth and the planets, in turn, assist them.  What is happening is the energies, rather than being discordant with them, are supportive and moving them into greater and greater expressions of their soul selves.  The more the enlightening humans shift, the greater the ability for them to rise above the crumbling and chaos below and take an observant viewpoint.   They can feel sadness and compassion for the discord they are seeing but don’t necessarily feel an emotional attachment to those lower energies.    It is as if the enlightened ones have all boarded a wonderful ark that has been lovingly prepared for their arrival.  Over the edges of the ark they can certainly look down and see the choppy seas beneath them.  They can observe, they can pray and send encouragement but they need not enter the choppy water.  If they don’t panic and leap over the edge in an attempt to save another they will notice that in due time, the waters will still, the sun will shine and the dove will appear with the long awaited olive branch of peace.  These people are arriving in a new energetic space and will create new realities, new communities, new societies that are much more in line with the new times.


So this dear ones is what we refer to as the time of the Great Divide.  You, too, can enjoy a dry place on the ark simply by choosing to embrace the highest aspects of your being with all your heart.

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