The Importance of Alignment ~ Channeled May 10/10

We understand that you wish to examine what is going on with the some enlightening human beings at this time.  We are hearing that many are falling into despair.  They are bone weary, soul weary if you will, and wonder where on earth they will find the energy to go on.  Our answer is nowhere!   You will not find the energy on earth to continue, however, through aligning with the endless spiritual supports that are in place, you will be able to navigate this quite beautifully.

We understand that this is a play on words.  However, we wish to point out that if you are looking around you on the earth for support, that is not where it exists.  It exists in your alignment with Source.  Do you see?  All of the loving supports are in place for you.  You have worked hard to move yourself into this alignment yet many choose to step slightly out of it.  When you are in your highest alignment you understand that there is nothing to do but just Be.  You understand that everything is divinely perfect and you can observe without being unpleasantly effected by what is going on around you.  By being in alignment, you choose to take that higher perspective that brings peace and love, acceptance and excitement for the change energies that are swirling around.

Now if you have, for whatever reason, stepped out of your highest alignment, you will find yourselves very uncomfortable indeed.  When you are out of your highest alignment you lose your sense of Creator Self.  You fall into the illusion that things can be wrong or bad.  You lose sight of the purpose of the wonderful process that is going on around you.  Sadly, you lose your view of the beauty and the sense of love and support that is always available to you.  You buy into the illusion.  It is so unnecessary, Dear Ones.

This is an amazing process that is happening on the earth right now.  You have chosen to be here, to experience this.  It is a great highlight to your existence.  You planned for this.  You were filled with the excitement of the potentials of the planet when you were planning this life expression.  Most of you couldn’t wait to come in and have this experience.  There is no way that you ever would have chosen more than you can handle.  It will only feel that way if you allow yourself to step out of your highest alignment.

People will ask, well Gabriel, how do we do that?  Give us the steps, give us the instructions.  It is very simple, Dear Ones.  You get there by choosing it. We tell you to simply Be.  This instruction is dissatisfying to many. They say that it is too simple.  We laugh at this because in it’s simplicity, it seems like it is a very difficult thing for the enlightening human being  to do!  We say, do whatever brings you joy.  Again, this advice gets dismissed.

In reality dear ones, when you are just Being, you are allowing yourselves to align.  When you choose activities that bring you joy, it is through that joyful activity that you align.   When you allow yourself to stay in your highest alignment, you will not only see things from the higher perspective where everything is divinely perfect; you will also be embracing your Creator Self.  And while you are doing this, you will be doing exactly what you came here to do which is supporting the planet and each other during these amazing and unprecedented times.

Honor yourselves, Dear Ones!  Just for a second allow yourselves to see yourselves as we see you, shining in your light and integrity, your courage and your love.  Take a moment to see, truly see, how far you have come in the last year, five years, ten years of your time.

Nothing can be wrong in this process because you are the ones who are creating it!  And you truly are doing it magnificently.  It is simple, Dear Ones.  Do not make it more complicated than it needs to be.  You have an entire universe supporting you and cheering you on.  This is all we have for you today.

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Transcribed by Terri DeMarco

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