Archangel Gabriel

The Importance of Integrity ~ Channeled April 28, 2012

Greetings, Dear Ones! We are absolutely delighted to be with you today. We honour you for putting yourselves first to come and enjoy the teaching and the healing that will be occurring from this group, understanding that as you do this you are supporting others and the planet by holding the higher energies. And of course, when we say group we mean not only the people in this room but also those who will be enjoying this transmission on your internet at a later time.

Today we wish to speak to you of an aspect that is rarely spoken of in terms of spiritual growth. That aspect is the aspect of integrity. Many of you are floundering, confused on how to proceed with certain relationships, with certain teachers, with certain healers. We say to you, what you are always looking for is integrity. It is finding the match of integrity to what you hold that is so vital to a lasting working relationship of any sort.

Please allow that to sink in. This is a very important piece of information for you, Dear Ones. If you are trying to connect in a partnership with one whose integrity does not match your own, the partnership will not last. We understand that many of you, moving forward, are searching for partners, for love relationships that will match who you really are. The greatest indicator of that, Dear Ones, is finding a partner with a matching level of integrity.

We speak to you of moving forward in the energies of transparency. We encourage people to stand tall in their truth and in their integrity, to allow it to shine forth clearly for others to see. We have also spoken of how incongruency is no longer being supported. This is why we are seeing so many of your celebrities and politicians and other people in the public eye being exposed if they are putting on a mask to the world that does not match what is going on on the inside. This is where many of you have been disappointed in your dealings with others.

Those who are authentically walking a spiritual path have an innate, high sense of integrity. And because that is who you are, you naturally expect that others will be operating from that same level. This is what has led to you being disappointed time and again. Hear us, Dear Ones. A relationship simply will not work if you do not have similar levels of integrity.

The good news is, as we move forward in the energies of transparency, it will be very easy to see the level people are operating from. So, as you are looking for a partner, we would say observe. Pay attention. See if this person is operating from a similar level to yours. It is the most reliable indicator if a partnership will be sustainable or not. It really isn’t so much about upbringing, or specific religious or spiritual beliefs. It is about how that person’s innate level of integrity leads them to operate.

All of you are so very advanced that many of you have a tendency to fall in love with the soul of another. You find the divine spark in each other and you fall in love with that. But being on the planet, having a human expression, there will be an overlay of how that soul will be expressing itself in this lifetime. And this is where the differences occur.

So many of you have been very aware of people that you were involved with consistently acting in far less than your operational standards, shall we say, and yet you forgive because you see the spark of divinity. It is fine to love each other. We encourage loving each other as being aspects of the whole, however, the operational level of each person will let you know whether this relationship will be in flow and supportive and in partnership to you or not. A high sense of integrity indicates an equal level of spiritual mastery.

Integrity can look different in many ways to different people. Honour amongst thieves within that group of people might be considered integrity. Some people may never, ever steal if you left money in front of them but yet if a clerk was to give them the wrong change at a store, they consider it their lucky day.

Integrity is about standing in your truth. It is about embracing who you really are. It is operating from your highest spiritual beingness. People of a very high level of integrity do not make choices based on getting accolades. Their behaviour will be the same whether there is a crowd of people or whether they are all by themselves. Operating from your highest integrity when no one is watching you, we often say, is like having a delicious secret between you and God. It is allowing your true self to shine.

Integrity supports the whole. You may have heard the expression, preserving the integrity of the whole. Do you see? It is that internal guidance system, where there is a joy in doing the right thing because it honours who you really are, and further, expecting that energy to come back unto you.

This is what you are looking for in your partnerships. This is what you are looking for in your businesses, in your governments, in your economic systems. It is the basis for all of what we wish to see, moving forward in the creation of the New Earth. This is why we encourage you so strongly to stay in that alignment with who you really are and to follow your own internal guidance system. It is so important as we move forward in the creation of the New Earth that you will operate according to what is your truth, honouring what is best for you, and from that highest perspective, what is best for the whole. The energies of integrity are so vital to what it is that you are trying to create. Fourth and fifth and higher dimensional consciousness cannot exist without integrity. It cannot.

You cannot be wide open to another if you are not sure what their level of integrity may be. “Oh”, you say, “I’ve been fooled so many times before, how do I know?” People will tell you everything you need to know about them in record time, and, if you are honest with yourselves, in some of your past disappointments you will admit that you had all of the information that you needed very early on. You likely just chose to ignore it.

You may have chosen to attempt to fix another. You may have taken on a savior role. You may have thought love will just fix whatever is wrong with them. Love can do many things, Dear Ones, but it cannot achieve spiritual growth for another. That is dependant upon the self.

So as you move forward in these energies with clear boundaries and more balance, feeling more secure in where you are, allow finding that match of your own personal integrity to be how you make your decisions moving forward. By doing so, wisely with discernment, you will find yourself finally in that energetic place where you can be wide open, open-heartedly allowing your light to shine and basking in the light of others, in a way that is only supportive to the group. That is where you will finally experience the freedom that your soul has been craving all along. This is what we wanted to share with you today.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
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