Archangel Gabriel

The Importance of the Flow ~ Channeled Feb. 26, 2011

Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased we are to be in your presence today. We would like to honor you for coming in and joining and being part of this wonderfully blessed group. And of course, when we say group we mean not only those who are in the room but also those who will be experiencing this transmission by reading it on your internet at a later time.

What blessed times we are in, Dear Ones! What an amazing time on your planet. You have been experiencing events that you have been waiting millennia to experience on your planet. These are blessed times, indeed, and your soul is fulfilling its mission by being here and experiencing the times that you are in right now.

You see, you are the souls that decided to come in. You gambled on the fact that you believed that humanity would be able to create a new world and that the ascension process could happen on the earth and not create complete disaster and annihilation of the planet like what had happened before when it was attempted. You, as a collective whole, have raised the vibration to the point that it is not just a potential, but a reality. How exciting, indeed! We rejoice as we watch you move forward in this process. Blessed times, indeed. We wish to wrap you in a cloak of unconditional love today. Allow yourself to feel it. Allow it to sink into your very pores, into your cells. Bask in it, Dear Ones, because you deserve it. You have been working hard.

We wish to speak to some of those who are within the group who may not have experienced this before – to those who understand that there is something going on but may not have a great deal of knowledge behind them at this point. Many who are newly awakening have confusion about what we mean by the ascension process. They think, oh my there’s this very important thing going on. I’m not ready. I haven’t done enough. I haven’t studied. I’m late. I’m late in the game. I’m late becoming part of this. How can I make a difference? There are some who have been working diligently for years. What difference can I make right now? Dear Ones, please know there is no necessary knowledge of the ascension process required in order to ascend. Many will have you believe that you need to have special DNA activations or you need to have special healings or that you have to meditate a certain way or that you have to follow steps x y z in order to get there. Humans love instructions. They want the handbook. How do I get there? They want the map. If you wish to do any of those things, it is absolutely fine. Often, in your humanness, it makes you feel better to actually be doing something, so if that makes you feel like you are moving forward, if you find it of benefit, absolutely go ahead. But ascending is not based on DOing, Dear Ones, it is based on BEing.

Do you see? So we wish to tell the beginners and all those who wish to listen that all that is required to ascend in these times is a surrender to the flow because it is the flow that brings you forward. It is the flow that will get you where you need to be. The flow follows where your soul wants you to go. By surrendering to the flow you are in your highest alignment. The surrender says I trust that my guides and the helpers and the universe will lead me where I need to be. By surrendering to the flow, you are embracing your highest alignment and you are taking the path of least resistance. When you are in the flow you are out of ego, that part of you that will doubt and resist and fight mightily to keep things the same and to keep you small.

Despite it’s immense beauty and ease, many people find the flow very difficult to follow. It seems too easy to be that effective. We find this funny because it is in it’s simplicity that you find it very hard to do. People start to make the flow complicated. How do I get there? How do I stay in the flow? What are the steps? Gabriel, please tell us. Give us the instruction booklet!

The flow means following the path of ease. We are telling you how to get where you want to go is by surrendering and taking the path of ease. It is not about the fight any longer. It is about acceptance and it is about allowing. Often times what humans find very difficult is just to find the first step. We would say to you it matters not what step you take. Take any step. Just move. Surrender. Because what will happen is the flow will sweep in and immediately start moving you in the direction that you need to go in. It is impossible to take a wrong step if you surrender to the flow.

Why the flow is of even greater importance in the times that you are in right now more than ever before, is because the flow is self adjusting. The planet is shifting, Dear Ones. Time is changing. You are aware of this. If you surrender to the flow, it will help you to energetically align and navigate these changes with the greatest ease possible. When people start to get very concerned with their ascension symptoms they take their focus off the flow and start to focus on what they don’t want. They are just growing pains, Dear Ones, pay them little attention they don’t last long. (Shelley’s note: If you have any health concerns, please follow through with your health care professional.)

By staying in the flow, you will be able to experience the many synchronicities and magical moments that the universe will provide for you. As an enlightening child of the earth, your highest manifestations can take place. The important souls that you need to meet to move forward will come in because by surrendering to the flow you are giving your guides permission to truly get in and help you to the greatest extent possible. Your guides will never lead you to a place that is inappropriate.

Not only does the flow honor you, but it honors your loved ones as well. The flow only knows the highest good for all involved and the flow only moves forward. Do you see the beauty and simplicity of this, Dear Ones? The flow is a complete shrugging off of your ego self. It leaves it behind and puts you in your highest alignment. It allows you to walk the path of empowerment, and it is a beautiful sight to behold, indeed.

Those who are embracing the flow know not to get upset or afraid from the earth changes that are happening right now. They stay centered and calm and peaceful and assured that everything that is happening is for the highest good of all of humanity. Much like your guides, they can be saddened by the effects on the earth but they understand that it is part of a process that is appropriate and required. Those who are in the flow become amazing teachers for others because they stay out of fear, so they become an example of what to be, which we always say is the most powerful teacher there ever is. You become leaders by being in the flow, Dear Ones, by embodying acceptance and allowing. People want to know, how do I get to the place of enlightenment? It is as simple as surrendering to the flow and having the faith to stay in it.

Now we wish to speak of some of the changes that are happening planetarily. You have been experiencing tremendous changes on your planet. Your solar flare was an amazing event for you. Many of you have been experiencing heightened energy, heightened positivity, excitement, and joy since the planet received the powerful pulse of light energy that came from your sun. If you understand that light is required to live, when you receive a burst or pulse of light of the magnitude that Gaia has just received this month, it effects you profoundly. It’s a pulse that moves up and out what you no longer want to take with yourself as you move forward. It pushes away negativity and density out of yourselves and also out of your planet and this is why you have seen earthquakes and the like. It helps you to release – it’s like giving you a monumental universal push forward. All very appropriate.

You may also be experiencing souls around you who have been diagnosed with news of illness within their bodies. This is going to become increasingly common throughout this year. Do not shake your heads and think, this is terrible! Dear Ones, it is a blessing! These things are not lurking below the surface anymore, they are being brought up to be dealt with. The supports are in place to deal with it. You will become aware of what caused the dis-ease in the body and the means to heal it will be available to you if that is something that your soul chooses. Some may choose not to experience the healing and may choose to go home and that is an honored decision. It is always made at a soul level according to what is the highest experience for that soul to have within this incarnation. But many will experience healings the likes of which they thought would not be possible within this lifetime.

You are walking the planet during a time of absolute miracles, Dear Ones. How blessed you are to be here! How loved you are as we watch you move forward during these amazing times. We watch you move beyond your fear. We watch you shrug off the conditioning of many, many lifetimes. We watch you like you are newborn babes discovering entirely new ways of being, new ways of doing things. You are discovering new things about yourselves all the time. Honor yourselves, Dear Ones! Understand the scope of what you are experiencing on your planet right now. Stop being so hard on yourselves! Love yourselves unconditionally. Give yourself what you need to be comfortable. Look at yourself thru a higher perspective, much like your guides would. See how special you really are.

Many of you find it difficult to focus on yourselves. You don’t want to seem selfish. Giving yourself what you need during these unprecedented times is not selfish, Dear Ones, it is being self aware. There is a large difference between the two, you see, because selfishness serves the one, where self awareness serves the whole. So as we conclude, on this most beautiful day, we bow to you and honor you for coming in, for walking bravely in the face of such monumental changes. You are here in your highest service, Dear Ones, and we couldn’t be prouder or love you any more than we do in this moment. That is all we have for you today.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young

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