Archangel Gabriel

The Wellspring of Unconditional Love ~ Channeled January 29, 2011

How are you today, Dear Ones? We wish to thank you all for being here today. We honor you for making the effort to come and be here. By showing up today you have clearly stated the importance of your spiritual path. You have come to anchor the group, Dear Ones. While this group is indeed smaller than some that you have had, do not let this fool you. For, in fact, this transmission will be heard around the world and you have chosen to be here in service today, to anchor the energies and to spread them forth. This applies whether you are in the room or across the world. So thank you, Dear Ones, for being here in your highest service.

We surprise you. You didn’t believe that attending a channel was being in your highest service, however, in this moment it is, indeed. Today we wish to speak to you on the very important aspects of unconditional love. Many who have been working hard on their spiritual paths (often times making it more complicated than it needs to be) have found themselves to be quite tired and sometimes confused. Many of you feel like you are on the brink of monumental changes. In your sensitivity you are tapping into potentials that exist on the planet. There will be monumental changes – the changes are in effect right now. Your planet is evolving, Gaia is shifting, the planets are assisting, as are you as you stand on the planet in your service.

Many of you understand that unconditional love is the most required aspect to move yourselves and the planet into enlightenment. You understand that this is a very important component. What many of you fail to realize is that it is something that you already have. Many of you think that unconditional love is something that you must attain, that you must chase, that you must somehow perfect into. That is an illusion, Dear Ones, because you are born of unconditional love. It is what you hold as a soul that is part of the greater whole.

You have an endless wellspring of unconditional love to call on. It is the only energy that is ever renewing that you cannot run out of because it is the universal energy, you see. It is an ever bubbling stream. It is yours. It is your birthright, unconditional love is, and you experience it many times throughout your lifetime. You experience it when you see the birth of a child or the beauty of a sunset, the intricacies of a snowflake, innocent animals, or the perfection of a flower.

Unconditional love is in the now moment. Unconditional love is always available for you to choose, yet many of you don’t believe that you have perfected into a place that can experience it and this is a fallacy. It is yours. It is yours right now. You cannot run out. And you can use it at any time you choose.

We will give you an example. When your planet watched the rescue of the Chilean miners, for each and every person that was rescued there was a huge outpouring of emotion – pure joy and unconditional love as they surfaced. It was equally strong from the first rescue to the last, each person causing you to well up with the emotion of the miracle of the rescue. Many people were surprised at how they could be moved to tears with the joy of it over and over again. This was simply showing you that there is an endless supply of unconditional love at your fingertips.

You have it to give. You have it to share and because you have it, it means that you can also receive it. Do you see? You hold it already so you can attract it. So what we say to you, Dear Ones, is practice using your unconditional love that already exists within you on a regular basis, even if it just for one hour a week to start. How do you do that you ask? By being observant in your now. By surrounding yourselves with things that bring you joy. Whether it is to experience a newborn baby animal or the beauty of nature or a loving touch or a kindness.

But more important than practicing unconditional love towards others, we would say, is practicing unconditional love toward yourselves. Many of you are incredibly hard on yourselves. Despite the fact that you work tirelessly and are making such a difference on the planet, you will berate yourselves at the end of the day thinking you should have done more. We implore you, Dear Ones, please stop ‘shoulding’ on yourselves!

Celebrate your successes! Honor yourselves! Love yourselves! And as you do so, you will be supporting the planet, yourselves, and all those you come in contact with.

It is beautifully simplistic. It is an amazingly easy system to work with because it is the energies of unconditional love that allow you to stay in the energies of acceptance and keeps you out of judgement toward your fellow man. It allows you to allow others to be exactly where they are without feeling a need to fix them. Nobody needs to be fixed. You are all divinely perfect exactly as you are.

To judge or to assume that somebody needs fixing is to not trust that the universe is working for them. Dear Ones, your guides and your soul has gotten you to this moment in this room, beautifully and seamlessly moving you forward in your spiritual growth. Each and every other person on the planet has that same system in place working for them as well, leading them to have the exact experiences that they require. Honor them in that. Do not try to talk them out of where they are. Trust that the universe is guiding them as brilliantly as the universe guides you. Do you see, Dear Ones? Allow. And the more you practice allowing, the more you will be anchoring the very energies of unconditional love that will be assisting the planet in the highest way possible. Not only will you be shining as your highest self and inspiring others, you will be honoring your sacred contract that you have to assist the planet as she moves forward in these amazing times.

We wish to add in one very important component for keeping yourself balanced and embracing the energies of unconditional love. It has to do with protecting and honoring yourselves, and being mindful of the environment that you choose to place yourself in. We would invite you to examine your day to day life and ask yourselves if it is being supportive to staying in the energies of unconditional love? Is your environment uplifting you or does it continually haul you back down into the density? Many of you have been attempting to straddle both worlds and you will come to find that that is a very exhausting endeavor, indeed. Do your friendships leave you feeling better for having spent time together or do they disempower you and make you feel worse? Do the environments that you visit support you in embracing your highest self or do they make it more difficult?

Do you honor your bodies, Dear Ones? Do you give yourself enough rest? Do you feed yourselves with nourishing foods and liquids? Does your reading material and the movies that you go to enjoy in your spare time honor what you are moving into or do they disempower you? Because you see, Dear Ones, you are very much in charge of your environments at this point in time and it is integral that you start to make the choices on a day to day basis that support what you profess to want. These are the times to take these things more seriously, Dear Ones, as you have set your intention to move forward in earnest into the new world.

We wish for you to all know that you are loved and honored and guided in ways that you cannot even imagine. It brings us such great joy watching you as you are experiencing this unprecedented time on your earth. We often say that it is The Greatest Show on Earth and indeed it is! It is so because of you, so honor yourselves, love yourselves and move forward with confidence and joy! That is exactly what you need to have the life experience that you all desire and deserve and to assist your beloved planet in moving forward during this turbulent year. This is all we have for you today.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young

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