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Daily Message ~ Wednesday January 25, 2023

We spoke yesterday of the idea of replacing the term divine timing with divine orchestration to give you an idea of how it is many different elements coming together. We would like to take that idea even further today.

Does the idea of divine orchestration still make you feel like there is something happening beyond your control? What if we told you that you are part of every experience of the orchestra? You are the producer of the show. You are the composer of the music. You are the instrument that emits tones and vibrations. You are the musician that lends your unique talents to the greater whole. You are the conductor that brings it all together beautifully. You are also the member of the audience that waits for the show to begin.

You are all of it! As a multidimensional being you like to use your free will to have many different versions of the same experience. You also honour others in their free will and desire to do the same. It is all part of the synchronized dance of co-creation. Make no mistake about it, you are the creator and the willing participant of every experience you have.

You can embrace the different roles as they are energetically supported for you, understanding they are all wonderful in their own right, and are vital to the broader experience of the whole. How wonderful you get to have so many vast and varied experiences that add to the expansion of your incarnation and the richness of your soul, all the while adding to the beauty to the planet! So we encourage you to savour every experience in its own perfection, knowing it is so much more than it may first appear. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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