Daily Message ~ Wednesday November 2, 2016


Just as our greatest joy is serving you, you can find your greatest, truest, deepest sense of joy by being of service. Simply surrender your day to being of your highest service, and then see how many opportunities present themselves to you to make a difference.

When you surrender into being of your highest service, you become a willing helper, a non-resistant and loving aspect of Source energy, a guide on earth, available to be aligned to help, whether it be through a simple, loving act of service such as a smile or a helping hand, or a beautiful intervention to something more serious.

You do not need to run around looking for opportunities or people to save. All that is required is to surrender into the flow of your day with a willingness to help, and the universe will line up those intersections in whatever way is most appropriate.

Your actions do not need to be grandiose to make a difference, Dear Ones. The simplest act of kindness sends ripples across the universe. And even if your day seemed to offer no opportunities to be of service at all, you can rest assured that your BEingness was your contribution, and that, always, is more than enough. ~Archangel Gabriel

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