Balance Within Conflict ~ Channeled Aug 6, 2010

With the accelerated energies that your planet is moving through (and will continue to move through), many enlightening human beings are finding it increasingly difficult to hold their balance as their loved ones act out in the pressure of these times. This can be a very difficult scenario, indeed, for the enlightening human being who is here to offer their service and crave nothing more than the energies of peace, harmony and unity.

Most enlightening human beings on the planet have grown to the point where they can observe conflict or tragedy on the world stage without getting drawn into the idea that there is something wrong. Most are able to hold their balance, to stay in their mastery, to take the higher viewpoint that would look at the bigger picture. They understand that while growth can be difficult, it is for the highest good of the planet and her inhabitants. They understand not to buy into the illusion and to offer their assistance based on love and a focus on the outcome for the highest good. While they may be saddened by the suffering that they see, they are committed to holding the light and assisting the planet in her ascension process. They may offer love, light, prayer, donations of time or money all because they are so very committed to the process. By keeping their focus on the highest outcome, they are serving brilliantly and, indeed, creating wondrous change.

However, take that enlightening human being and place them in their home environment where other members of the family may not be at the same level of growth and evolution and we will see a very different creature indeed. Many find it difficult to stay in their mastery and find themselves engaging with their lesser enlightened loved ones in ways that do not represent their highest operational level. This becomes problematic because invariably, the enlightening human being will beat themselves up quite severely for this once the crisis has passed, berating themselves for not acting “more spiritual”.

In reality, learning to deal with those in our closest circle is one of the last steps of moving fully into our mastery. The reason why this may be quite difficult for some is that many of these relationships began pre-awakening. Often there are old, deeply entrenched patterns and habits of dealing with each other that are definitely not in line with the new energies. Many of the human condition will be heard wailing, “When will my spouse ever get it?” Why won’t my children listen? If only my parents would just try this new way of doing things, how much better life would be!

So interestingly, those moving into mastery may see everything as divinely perfect as they look at planetary events and in the next breath, find their families quite flawed. Many humans have assumed far too much responsibility for other people’s actions within their family unit and seem to always be looking for things to be fixed. This can become very problematic in many ways.

Each member of your close family unit has agreed to be part of this amazing process with you. Not every human being has agreed to move into enlightenment at this time. Perhaps, their highest service at this time would be showing you what not to be ~ which interestingly, would still be assisting the planet at this time, would it not? They may be placed on your path to teach you how to move into your highest mastery by giving you practice in how to not engage in conflict on a personal level. They may be teaching you how to detach and allow others to just be who and where they are. How could you ever move into your mastery without these wonderful participants?

Sadly, as many begin to focus on what is wrong with the behavior of their loved ones, not only do they lose their footing by dipping down into the density and moving into the energies of anger and frustration, they unwittingly, through their focus, are energetically supporting more of the same. Then we have an enlightening human being who was doing quite beautifully before, feeling increasingly worse and worse by trying to operate in the energies that no longer support them.

Let us give it to you this way. Many parents will tell you that the game of wrestling amongst their children never leads to anything good. What usually happens is it starts out as fun and games but as the energy conflict continues to accumulate, you will observe it beginning to escalate. Conflict of any sort will only grow if met with more of the energy of conflict. In no time the laughter and smiles have dissipated and before you know it someone will be hurt and there will be tears, frustration and anger. This is from an escalation of energies that do not honor either party. Most parents have also observed times when one child wanted to wrestle and the other child did not. The one who wanted to engage in wrestling may try several times to draw the other into the activity but when the child sees that it cannot be done, they will give up. The child who had the interest in acting out conflict will wander off and find another activity. Again we say that your children have a lot to teach you!

Dear Ones, do you understand what we are showing you here? You have a choice. Much like the child could decide whether he wanted to engage in the energies of conflict or not, you have a choice. If you refuse to get drawn into the lower energies that some within your close circle may be struggling with, you will find that the energies will not escalate more than what is appropriate for the growth of the person experiencing them. In fact, by not feeding them, the energies will likely dissipate rather quickly. You need to be aware as the one who is moving into mastery within your family unit, that you have been anchoring the higher energies within your home space. Your loved ones have become dependent upon you holding those energies so that they can experience what they are moving through and still feel stability. You cannot force them to move into growth they are not ready for. You cannot fix their discomfort for them but you can create a safe environment for them to move through their process as is divinely perfect for them.

If you allow yourself to be knocked from the center of your calm beingness, you are only exacerbating the discomfort of those who are already struggling in the energies of the Great Divide. Again, we say to you, that the greatest power you have is teaching through example. Those who are still asleep around you have chosen you to be the master who appears on their path. Honor that very sacred role, Dear Ones. If you have been able to hold the energy so the planet can move into her ascension, you easily have the ability to hold the energies among your loved ones as you are one of the greatest teachers that they will ever meet in this lifetime. They are also amazing teachers on your path as well. Honor them in that. There are no special magical tricks. You already have the ability to stay in your authentic power. If it were not so, the ascension process would not be happening right now. This is not a matter of learning a new skill. This a matter of carrying over skills you already have into your interactions with those in your daily life. Just as you take the higher perspective with the planet, carry that over to your loved ones. When you are able to do that is when you will have been able to step fully into your mastery and will begin to experience heaven on earth. This is all we have for you today.

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
Transcribed by Terri DeMarco

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