Daily Message ~ Friday April 12, 2013

We speak so often about the importance of surrender and the flow.  Many human beings struggle with the act of surrender and find it difficult to work in the flow.  Would you be surprised if we told you it is a skill you already had?  You all practiced surrender and flow as children.  As a young child, you met every new day with excitement and stayed very much in the Now.  You also expressed surrender and flow through the use of imagination.  Imagination IS an aspect of flow.  It creates. When you are in the flow of creation you are in a space that connects you to Source.  When you played with imagination as a child, you were choosing to experience laughter and joy.  You also experienced your creator self.  You got lost in the moment, simply enjoying living.  Perhaps if you dusted off your imaginations as adults, you would find that happiness, that connectedness, that creation and change your perception of surrender and flow as being scary and hard to do, to expressing joyful abandon and embracing the Now. ~Archangel Gabriel

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