Daily Message – Friday April 20

Many of you understand the concept of manifestation, yet struggle with applying it consistently in your lives. You struggle with the idea of the abundant universe and living in that stream of prosperity. Dear Ones, it is a skill you already have mastered, you just don’t realize it yet! If we asked you to close your eyes and use your imagination to visualize an apple, you would visualize an apple. If we said, two apples, you would visualize two apples. If we said a thousand apples, you would see a great pile of apples and would accept that number was a thousand. You do not think, I am not worthy of apples. You do not worry that you will imagine them wrong, or that you cannot get apples, or that you will be greedy or taking away from another, or that you must work hard before you can have apples. Nor do you worry where the apples will come from or that there will be enough apples, you just trust with complete knowingness that there is more than enough and sure enough there are apples. Do you see? Manifesting in your life is no different! Just as with your imagination, all that is required is to create it and it is so. Where you go wrong is the introduction of doubt and self limiting belief systems. If you approach creation in your life with the same assuredness as you do your visualizations, you will be living abundantly with ease.
~Archangel Gabriel

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