Daily Message ~ Friday April 22, 2016

Imagine that you have entered an event and your goal is to reach the finish line (your intended creation) in record time. You are tethered to several other energies and as you look at them you can identify them as excitement, creation, focus, fear, doubt and resistance.

The starter’s pistol is fired and you are off! You, excitement and creation take off in the direction of the finish line but find you can barely move. You turn to see what is going on and you see that focus is facing the finish line but not moving because resistance has dug his heels in and wants everything to stay the same. Doubt doesn’t move either because he is looking all around and can’t make up his mind which way to go. Fear was so startled by the sound of the starter’s pistol that he has turned around and is running with all his might in the other direction!

Do you see? In order to truly move forward with the most efficiency and success, you must give yourself permission to release the things that hold you back. If you embrace energies that support each other and match your intentions, you will be crossing the finish line into the land of new creations with more ease and enjoyment than ever before. ~Archangel Gabriel

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